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I just joined this forum today and am very interested in reading about other gordon setters ... I rescued my 4 year old gordon setter from a shelter - he's been in there because his owners were getting divorced (I will never be able to understand that... I myself am divorced but  it was NEVER a question if I take my golden retriever girl with me) .. anyway... I heard about him while actually being at a gordon setter breeder where I was looking for a gordon setter puppy ... but then the breeder told me about Bevan and I couldn't get it out of my mind... so I visited him at the shelter and immediately fell in love with him.. and so did my kids as well as my golden girl ... end of the story: we're just so happy to have him with us and can't imagine a life without him!As being a hunter's daughter I am used to hunting dogs - but I've never had a setter, eventhough I fell in love with them a long time ago ... I am looking forward to read more about you and your setters!

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