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Amber already had an ear infection and she is still on medication. But it’s been a week, so she is fine now. Her ears were red and that worried me, so when we shoed her to vet – she told us – Amber is not bad, but got some east infection. I use to clean her ears with ear-wipes (I got from “Petco”). Now vet gave us a cleaning solution to wash ears with. May be its better? I’ve heard that some Irish setters don’t need their ears to be clean by owners at all. Is it right? Anybody knows?

Also on a subject of ears – we use snood when she eats and for drinking bowl we got her narrow bucket, so she don’t wet her ears when she drinks. I think this is a way to go.

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Hello Inna ~

Joss also had an ear infection at his first vet visit. It also was not bacterial just a yeast infection (likely the water bowl was our culprit too!). The vet thought he could have a food allergy but I discussed with Pam and we decided not to switch him to a fish based food like the vet recommended. I am glad I didn't switch him to a Salmon based food too as now his ears are all cleared up. I know it wasn't some random allergy now. It would have been bad thinking he had an allergy to something when he doesn't! His ears are all nice and normal with no hint of redness. They no longer bother him and while he doesn't like his ear medicine he does give me his sad eyes and lays down patiently while I dose each ear. Its good to know he will let me help him when he needs it.

I need to get one of those snoods for him when he eats/drinks! Those ears, those ears, those big floppy long ears! Luckily Joss is growing long long legs to keep his ears out of his water dish. Now we need to work on keeping the water he drinks in his mouth and not sloshing out on the floor like he's broken a dam.

I hope Amber's ears are also still good.

Thank you, Autumn, Amber's ears are fine now. We almost finished her medications and even gave her a bath yesterday.
About a snood - we make ours ourselves. it's so easy. Especially when they are little. I saw only large once on a dog shows. (may be I didn't look good).
I find that most if not all Irish Setter will have ear issues at one time or another in their lives.
What you don't want is for it to get out of hand. That can cause major problems.
Wash her ears 1-2 times a week and keep an eye for any redness or irritation.
We got cleaning solution from our vet and actually a little presentation how better to clean ears. (I used ear wipes also before)
Is anybody can recommend which stuff is better for those beautiful ears?
With ears we doing much better now. I do wash them still twice a week. Before as soon she sees me holding bag of cotton balls and bottle with ear cleaner – she would run and hide in her ex-pen. Now I don’t need to catch her and lead to the couch anymore. I just point to the couch and she jumps up. May be she used to it. I do it gently and always praise her. Like 100 times – “Good girl”, “love you” etc. Always talking to her in quiet voice. I think she enjoy it.
I am sure she is loving the attention, Inna! Sounds like you handled that situation like a pro :) You have trained her to do what you want CONGRATS!
Thanks. But I have so much more to learn. it seams the more I read - the more I don't know. I have more and more questions every week. May be I should write them here and you guys would help to find the right answer when you have time.
Sure by no means do any of us know everything - but we can all learn together - Great idea!




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