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Okay, getting ready to buy myself a pair of clippers and want to know what recommendations people have.  I have used Oster, Wahl and Laube for horses and I must say the Wahl K2's were some of my favorite but didn't know how they would work on my girl.  Want to make sure I get some that don't get too hot too fast.


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Hi Katie,

I think all of the clippers work well - the only thing I like is to make sure it is a 2 speed. I also like the ceramic blades as they don't get as hot as quickly.

As for us – we went to conformation classes/ they were helpful. Also two of my new friends showed how to groom my dog. I’ve heard that not many groomers in salons know how to groom an Irish setter. Is it so?
Our president of “Irish Setter Club of Central Connecticut” – Joanne Fern – was very helpful. Before shows she would come over and would correct all mistakes I made with grooming. So it’s nice to have more experienced friend at the show.
Also all grooming supplies we got right on a dog show. I got –
1. grooming table (a good quality one – also friends recommended me a maker),
2. shears (I got 3 different once)
3. stripping knife
4. clippers (very nice to have with rechargeable battery) (comes with two) Oster
5. stone (stripping)
6. Fan and holder (I got holder for fan that goes around your neck – twistable – I use it even when I style my hair. Love it)
7. Brush (I got long metal one)
8. Spray bottle (I fill it with conditioning spray)
9. Extension cord (good to have)
More about shears – one is very small ones with safe edges. I use them to cut hair between toes. Or may be whiskers to touch up. They are safer then regular once. I like having them.
Most important one is thinning shears. This is how I understand. Need to try them in your hand.
And third shears just regular straight ones. I use my old once that I use for haircuts (humans)
Here it is for now. It’s been a while since our last show. And I showed only 2 times in my life. But my son did a bit more.
I know that I have tons of things to learn yet, but I thought may be what I already figured out would help. And may be some of more experienced people in a group would correct me where I am wrong.




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