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Good Morning All,


I know our pups are now over 4 months old - but I received this and thought it was very interesting.

So far Kibby has shown NO fear of anything.  He fights time outs on his back to calm him down when he is excessively wild - but they are coming ;)  He definitely wants to be in charge.


We took him to his 2nd puppy conformation class last night and he did great.  The moments when he gaited with all 4 on the floor were beautiful!  He holds a stack like a champ :) A huge improvement over his first outing.

How much do you all know about puppy socialization?  Take the quiz - it's fun. 
I got 3 wrong :)





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Hello Kim ~

Rock on Kibby!! I'm hoping that once Joss is better (and he's 'better' just not able to go out and about) we will be able to locate a conformation class in our area. Does anyone know of something or someone to contact regarding this - and this is a long shot - in Idaho?

Thank you,

That is a neat quiz!! I got two of them wrong.

Thanks Kim!
I just scanned our "Certificate of Achivement" for puppy Socialization. See attached picture.
very neat Inna congrats to Amber and to you for taking her ;)
Thanks, Kim
To take her – it’s not a big deal. But practice… it’s another story. When she went for exam in the end of a class (for her certification) – my husband took her. I was busy that weekend. Teacher was laughing. Saying “Brought “big guns” today?” Amber listens to my husband the best. He is very firm with her. With me and with kids she can gat away with lots.
Yeah Amber! Yeah Inna! I'm super proud for Amber. Thats great for the whole family too. Also very happy to hear that Amber is responding to her clicker training. They sure are smart pups.




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