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When is time to brush?

Is anyone getting new teeth now? We already start loosing our baby once.



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I read in a book that better to start brushing just using you finger and a bit of paste. I am glad that I found that because I was planning to start brushing with a finger brush right away. Is everybody already brushing? Am I the worst owner for not starting yet?
ummm NO! lol I rarely brush teeth.
Yes Kibby is starting to get his big teeth.
Again I’ve read in a book couple days ago that brushing teeth can increase their life’s up to 5 years.
For people it’s also thru – teeth health is very important. I can’t say my dentist very happy with me – with all this crazy lifestyle and skipping flossing. But doggies can’t do it themselves. I must start now.
I saw in one catalog a box of disposable gloves with brush on a fingertip. May be it is more gentle than a toothbrush. But we have one in three direction (like hugging a tooth). But it’s for later.
YES! Joss has lost quite a few of his teeth, two top front teeth last night alone! He has a very funny gap toothed grin right now too. He's getting used to me pulling open his lips to check out what's missing each day. When I find another tooth gone I can't help but laugh at him because of all the new gaps. Two of his bottom teeth are coming in a little further back than I'd like to see but I'm hoping once the baby teeth fall out the adult teeth will slide into proper alignment.
GiGi has two teeth on the bottom doing the same thing! The baby teeth are still there so I'm hoping when they fall out the adult teeth will slide forward.
Kibby lost a top front tooth tonight and we got it out of his food bowl before he could eat it :)
Amber lost on tooth on a back (my son gave it to me) and one top mising on a side. I've notice blood on a squeker toy couple days ago - I wasn't worried - figure out that it must be tooth falling out.
When Amber lost her tooth, my daughter got it and put under HER pillow. Usually she gets $5 for each tooth from Tooth Fairy. She was hopping that Tooth Fairy wouldn’t figure out. But she did. She brought only $1 for my daughter and a bone for Amber. We are having fun!
That is great!! Rio has lost all of her baby teeth but one canine still is hanging in there. Hope it goes soon as she is a chewing fool right now.
Hi Everyone ~

Joss only has one top canine left too. I checked it and I think it has another week as its not wiggly and still looks perfectly white and happy in there. At least he doesnt look like a land shark any more with all those wonky baby teeth smashed behind incoming adult teeth. I did manage to get 2 puppy teeth though, both an upper and a lower. Maybe I'll be there when this last one goes too - the others have just been pure lucky chances that we were playing and I saw they were loose. Joss has a lovely smile/bite now as with the baby teeth gone his adult teeth have all moved around to their proper places.
I am glad you got couple teeth to keep. I actually have only one. So no sharing then.




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