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It would have been your birthday today, although your gone you are still in our thought's every day.  We still miss you..... just been thinking about when you came home with us a little bundle of fun 15 years ago, "Tears for happy memories" Do you ever get over losing your best friend. It sounds harsh but I miss that dog more than any human........Happy Birthday Miss Ellie xx

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Awe. You are so caring. It is because you cared so much that you have such a heavy heart. I have never had to go through such anguish of an Irish but have lost many kitties. We had one cat for almost 25 years, it was awful. I don't know what was worse watching him wither away or watching the last moments of a precious life with thousands of memories gone in a flash.

Lets look at it from your your red friend's view point. She felt your dedication, your love and she soaked up your gentle words and saved them for times when you were not there. This is her time to hear your words, in all the glory of the shamrocks and in each tear that she hears hit the floor. She is free, she is happy, healthy and strong. She is the wind in your ears and memories in your heart. She is among friends.

Remember all the things she gave to you and in the end she only asked for one final act of kindness. This is the way we can say thank you for all the joys they gave to us. She was beautiful and she still is. She would want to see you happy, just the days when she was with you. Take care dear heart.   


Beautful words from the heart, bless you.

When you love something or someone as much as you did and still do, you do not have to get over the loss, ever. Your dog was loved and together you had many precious memories. That is the was God meant it to be. You are a very special person to have loved your friend as much as you did. You were so lucky to have been touched by this magnificent creature of God.

The reason you love your dog more then a human is because the humans sre jerks. Now that is harsh I know but I always trusted my setters alot more than humans. so I guess your statment isn't so harsh after all. My life was all about my Radley, and when he passed I lost it. He was my soul mate that is dogs can be a soul mate. I know he was.

what a nice looking setter I'm so sorry for your loss.




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