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I am curious to find more information and possibly photographs of irish dogs in my dog's pedigree. Two affixes especially would be of interest to me: Balcharles and Mullencluain

I wonder if anyone can tell me more about these breeders?

Leen from Belgium sent me these pedigrees for Shanomar Foss and Tubercurry Holly from the extended pedigree of Glen. see attached files. The dog Rua Midnight Mist does not seem to be of Mary Tuite's Rua breeding.

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I emailed the Kennel Club to see if they would tell me who the breeders of the dogs were, in case I could find some siblings and their litters, but the KC would not reveal any names ... data protection!
I'll try what you suggested too.
All I can say is that is weird... what use is then is a KC pedigree and KC stud book numbers if they will not disclose any information? Surely pedigree information should be available.
Is this the English KC or the Irish? I think you could ask Trudy Walsh or the Irish breed club for information on the irish dogs.




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