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Are you limited to one dog by choice, or would you have more if possible?

I used to have 14 dogs/bitches, a mixture of English Setters, Irish Setters and Pointers, I was in my element, they were the loves of my life and I miss those days, it was only 3 years ago but it seems like an eternity.

Anyway, ill health and hospitalisation prevented me from keeping them all, I lost my oldie last summer and now have my youngster, who I am extremely happy with, he gives me hours of companionship and is doing well in the showring, so I really have the best of both worlds with him.

I do hanker over an Irish Setter companion for him, some time in the future, but for now I am very happy with my lot, and I quite honestly feel that if someone were to offer me a pup now I would refuse as it isn't the right time for me...if you had told me that a few years ago I would have said you were mad.

I feel partly sad that I only have the one dog as I would like Henry to have a companion, and I know my health has dictated that I only have the one dog at the moment, but I wondered how many people are content with just the one?

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love looking at photos of setters in the snow... No snow here just HOT HOT
I am lucky to have our Miss Molly....he had said NO MORE DOGS after losing the two old gentleman dogs in May , 2008 ....it was the longest year of my life with no dog until Sept 2009.  I played around with idea of talking him into another dog but afraid it would upset the dynamics here at home....Miss Molly just fit in beautifully and has been just a dream to train .  Also as my husband is now retired ( day Miss Molly came home) it is easier to travel with just one IS....and kennel fees are more affordable if we do not take her with us. She does have two playmates next door to romp with ....and wonders of wonders in a place where you seldom see IS...another IS about three blocks from us so she does enjoy dog company.....until she decides it is time to go birding again. I will admit I need to stop looking at all the darling IS puppy pictures on here though....just makes me want a wee bitty one to cuddle!
I have been feeling a bit broody again lately, and wondering if Henry would like a playmate, but then I really want to take the time to enjoy him, he comes everywhere with me, he loves his cage in the car, I have to bribe him to come out at times as he is all snuggled in his duvet.  It would be more difficult with another one, I can take him to a show and concentrate on him, if I had another one I would need to make sure that was getting the attention, or it may have to stay at home if it weren't being shown...so many things to think about, I hope to get my Irish someday but I'm not in any desperate hurry :-)
hey sheree... take it as it comes whatever you decide will be o.k. but go with your feelings.
Thanks Eunice, you're right, I will know when the time is right for another little friend :-)
Sheree....there is no one else that can make that choice for you but does Henry get to play with other dogs now?  and how would another pet change his life as he is living it today?  such a hard decision to make  and one I have wrangled here with myself.  I really stepped back from the whole thing and watched what was going on here at home....and how another dog would impact us...less travel for one thing for us as one dog is doable where two would mean a drastic change in our lives.  Even the dynamics of our homelife would change....and to be honest I love them the way they are right now.  I get tempted every so often but then I remind myself of where we are at in our life.....grandkids out of state and second daughter in second year of college, husband retired so trips to visit those grandkids are doable with just Molly but would be difficult with two IS.  So for now anyway we will stay an ONLY but never a lonely Irish Setter family.

Hi Sherry,

Henry has lots of friends that he plays with when out walking, but he seems equally happy being an only dog at home, getting all the cuddles to himself.  He came from a large breeding kennels aged 13 months so I would imagine he is in his element not having to share us.


Sheree...sort of sounds like our Miss Molly....she was a rescue here at about that age...and was fostered in a home with many dogs ( and crates).  Had to laugh as no sooner had I written my last comment to you there was an email of a four year old IS in Michigan looking for a new home. Thankyou for reminding me of why right now ONE works well for us!  I know ours thrives on all the one on one attention she gets from us....more like she thinks it is her due!!  We walk into a room and she is waiting lying on her back for her favorite belly rub...we just tell her she is a little hussy! 

  It has to be hard to have had so many dogs to go down to just one.....and I understand that temptation everytime I look at puppy pictures on here....I get that ahhhh I want to cuddle a wee puppy again or when I open an email and there is one needing a home BUT I have to remember how lucky I am to have talked my better half into another dog at all and be so Thankful Miss Molly came along right after he finally agreed to an itsy, bitsy rescue dog! :) I just tell him now that she is itsy, bitsy when she curls up in the chair!  Best wishes on whatever you decide but there really is no wrong or right to the decision....it just boils down to what is best for Henry and you. 

so true. having to travel with more one than one to board is expensive . Our Molly came from a litter of 15 so I guess she likes the one to one attention also. She is so spoilt and just likes to be the one with us. Husband trains her and she loves him so much. I don't think we could have two but like I said it is your decision and go with fits into your lifestyle.

We are the same wouyld love a 2nd but Saffy at 14months is still destrying the garden!!!!!!!!!  We have a small motorhome and we 2 with Saffy & Fudge our Burmese cat only just fit in!  Of course it is possible to have an awning and sleep dogs outside.  We've seen folk with caravans do this, but we don't fancy having them apart from us at night.  Plus living on a limited income and I at 68 have only just survived the last year with a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!  But we never say never, you never know what's around the corner!

Are you in the uk? where do you camp?  We are off to Briockenhurst in the New Forest for Easter so Saffy will get some good long walks to wear her out! We hope!!!

Our household used to always have two dogs ... one irish setter and one golden retriever.  But the cost of proper food and vet care not to mention the exercise requirements were getting harder and harder as we got older.  Now we have "just the one"! and really enjoy pampering him to the utmost!!  Cosmo thinks a two humans to one dog ratio is about right!  :)
That's really how I feel about Henry, he came from a big kennel environment and has fitted into home life as a single dog so well, I would hate to put his nose out of joint, but then I see him playing with his friends when out walking and I wonder if he would thrive even more by having a playmate at home.  The way things are at the moment financially he will remain a singleton, but I do have moments when I think about the pros and cons :-)




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