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Are you limited to one dog by choice, or would you have more if possible?

I used to have 14 dogs/bitches, a mixture of English Setters, Irish Setters and Pointers, I was in my element, they were the loves of my life and I miss those days, it was only 3 years ago but it seems like an eternity.

Anyway, ill health and hospitalisation prevented me from keeping them all, I lost my oldie last summer and now have my youngster, who I am extremely happy with, he gives me hours of companionship and is doing well in the showring, so I really have the best of both worlds with him.

I do hanker over an Irish Setter companion for him, some time in the future, but for now I am very happy with my lot, and I quite honestly feel that if someone were to offer me a pup now I would refuse as it isn't the right time for me...if you had told me that a few years ago I would have said you were mad.

I feel partly sad that I only have the one dog as I would like Henry to have a companion, and I know my health has dictated that I only have the one dog at the moment, but I wondered how many people are content with just the one?

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A few weeks ago I was very lucky to be visiting the wonderful Dutch family who raised my Irish Setter.  They had one 4-week old little pup that was very hard to walk away from. When I finally returned back to the States after being gone for a month, many of my friends and family really couldn't believe I hadn't brought him home. Berkeley was so glad to see me though.  Made me think I'm the one for him and he's the only one for me. I really love my dog <smile>!!

Hi Cynthia :-)

What an adorable puppy...makes me even more broody for one, and your Berkeley is stunning.  We are hoping to move back to the country very soon and hubby has said to me many times that I can have another one whenever I am ready, but Hen is so pleased to be my boy that I do wonder if I should even contemplate having another....it's so tough when I see photos of pups though.

We have often thought about adding to the family with another RS Puppy.  Tia is 12 and Im afraid to say very much dominates our home life.  I would be very reluctant now to put her through all the antics the young ones get up to.  Plus the long walks that are needed to keep them fit, as Tia's walks now are very slow and not very long.  Which is the opposite to what she used to be like. 



I have just one irish bitch (5 years old), but I'd loooove to have another one. Maybe in a few years... Thought I'm not sure if it'll be another IRS or IRWS or ES.... I haven't decided yet.

I have just the one setter at the moment ( IRS ) but in a few weeks, I'll be adding a gorgeous little IRWS to the family :)


Does that mean I'll have to leave the group? :(

No Emma lol...I may be adding to my little family soon too  :-)


I have just the one Irish called Reuben, who will be three in June. He is the first dog I have ever owned, so has been a real learning experience and with some downs but mainly ups. I love him to bits and one day I would like another setter, possibly and red and white one. I think I would be more relaxed with a second puppy as I know what to expect and therefore would not be so intense with training and hence less anxiety all round . The time is not right at the moment though as I am about to enter my second year at university and would probably wait until I was in employment and could therefore afford the extra cost too.

Also I would have to save for a bigger bed if I had more than one, haha




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