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This group doesn't seem to be active at the moment, which is a shame because Setters make such great models! 

I really love photography, and my best friend (also a forum member - Charlotte Beeney) and I are currently trying to set up a small photography business - so we really love to look at peoples' pictures and chat about all things photography! 

So can we call this a thread for everyone to share pictures, comment on other peoples' pictures, discuss software/equipment used for each picture etc?

Ie. I share a picture of Finn and say "I didn't like the colours so I did this and that on Photoshop" and someone else can say "oh that's good but I would have done....." etc. 

Sometimes photography is about finding out what lots of other people like, especially if you're trying to set up a business, so it's such a social thing in the sense that you need to get as much constructive criticism as you can. 

Anyway, sorry for waffling on, just trying to get this group up and running again! :)

So I've attached a picture to start things off:

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I like your monochrome pic of Finn.  I am in for sharing and playing with pictures again. Would love to hear what you all think. Kind regards, Phil

Thank you! Please do share!




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