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There are many members here that make very good photos. I think it would be useful if we share our experience and knowledge about photography. For start I am interesting in equipment that you use by making your photos.

My equipment:
camera: DSLR Nikon D5000
lenses: Nikkor AF-S DX 18-105mm
program: Photoshop

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Can you help me? My camera is a Canon 450D but now there is a chance for getting a new camera. This is a Canon 550D.  Is it worth it? Here’s a picture I maked with the 450D in december:

Tis is a Canon EF 70-200mm Lens. :)



I have surveyed a little your photos on FB. And have noticed that either you use a big crop or you have problems with focusing point. You have problems with sharpness. This is connected with autofocus point. By animals you should focus on the eye.

Barbara has right: important is the lens. And you have excellent lens.

So in my opinion you should: set the right autofocus point and use al little crop as it possible.

Also you should use more postprocessing (photoshop). Here is your bird on the left and on the right with my postprocessing (sharpened and better colours)


Ok background is burn out so it is not so good, but anyway with good postprocessing you can enhance photo

Thank you Robert!

I watched this, I can not decide. :((((

More fordításokhoz" class="hps"">expensive fordításokhoz" class="hps"">for fordításokhoz" class="hps"">me fordításokhoz" class="hps"">at the moment, más fordításokhoz" class="hps"">but fordításokhoz" class="hps"">in any event más fordításokhoz" class="hps"">I would like to someday. I think sould the change it. Please help!

There is one more day to decide.

Thank you Jarno!

I do not know what happened…..again….

I watched this, I can not decide. :((((

Me there is one more day to decide. More expensive for me at the moment but in any event I would like to someday.

I think sould the change it. Please help!

There is one more day to decide.

Thank you Jarno!

I have 1 day left to decide because this is the time when I can sell the 450D for a good price and with that I can buy a new camera (a 550D). It's a very good deal to me but I so like the old one that I'm afraid that the new one won't be that good. I think until I'm a beginner I pay less money for lens than the camera and I know that the camera's parts are getting older and that's why I'm thinking about getting a new one. My lens are very good and I have a 1.4 converter. Thanks for your suggestions, they help a lot with my decision but I'm still thinking about it. :))))

It does make perfect sense and can unterstand your way of thinking - my husband just said that the digital bodies are not like wine: They don't get better with age. So if the deal is really good, maybe follow Jarno's suggestion and get the feel of the camera before you cut the final decision ( buttons stil at the same place; menu as it used to be...). I can also understand that it is difficult to let go of the old one; I never had to do it - the old mechanic bodies are nearly indestructable :-)).

Great that you already have a 1.4 converter!!! And I don't think you stil belong to the category of beginners!! I have seen many realy good photos already on your page!! And I hope to see more :-)).

If it is a good deal then buy it! New camera is always better then the old. In your case it is logic to buy new beacuse you can sell old one for good money.

In my opinion you have the right lens. This is the most important. You can do excellent photo with old camera and right lens (as you have).

I would not by it.

I just looked through the dpreviews Jarno posted and in my opinion the 550D is not much of an upgrade to the 450D. The greatest changes, I can see are:

The amount of megapixels, but with the 450D you already have a fine 12 MPx!

The movie function - I personally would not need that...

The higher ISO - now this I consider to be a real upgrade as you move from 1600 to 6400. But then you must be aware that that an APS C camera looks as grainy on ISO 3200 like my full frame camera on ISO 6400 and believe me, that's grainy!! No way for birds!! Not even 3200 on mine and that is as grainy as 1600 on yours... so we're back to the 450D.

If you like birds, like your lovely European Goldfinch, I would rather go for a good flash with a 'better beamer':


You seem to already have a good lens with the 70-200mm - if you want to go more on the tele side - less cropping - you might be thinking of a 1.4 converter; you would loose one fstop and be up on 5.6 but with a aprox. 100-280mm zoom; with the crop factor of your camera, that'll be about a 160-450mm zoom at f5.6! Handholdable!

And as Jarno said, maybe think about one day upgrading to the ten-series level. Good luck with your decision!


Congratulaton Jarno!





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