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I thought it might be useful for visitors and other owners to know a bit more about favourite walks in Scotland - add some pictures if you can!

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One of our most favourite days out is definitely Kinshaldy beach at Leuchars, just north of St Andrews.

Here you will find a massive stretch of dog-friendly beach fringed by acres of pine forest with wide, level tracks - all with the additional bonus of car parking on site, toilets and a picnic area. (There is a small charge for car parking in the main season.)

The aircraft from the nearby RAF base occasionally fly rather low overhead, but unless your dog is really easily spooked it happens too infrequently to miss out on this walk!

We love it, and go there in all weathers, it's even better when it's raining as you can have the whole beach to yourself!

Map here :

http://www.multimap.com/maps/?hloc=GB|leuchars#map=56.38235,-2.88685|12|4&loc=GB:56.38235:-2.88685:14|leuchars|Leuchars, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, KY16 0

There are seals and porpoises to be spotted occasionally, and... WARNING - even more occasionally you may come across a naked person - the far end is recommended for Naturists as it is quiet and there are plenty of secluded places to get their kit off.

One reason why I prefer to go in winter and in the rain...!!

Linda xx
Some more info here:


If I can figure out how to add images in the body of a message I will!
Excellent, Linda. Thanks very much. We'll have to give this a try sometime. Setters just need a place where they can stretch their legs!

We usually like going up Ben Vrackie near Pitlochry. It's a good day out and a fairly steady walk up the mountain so not too exhausting. There's a free car park at the start of the walk. In fact, there are lots of different walks there (all marked on a map at the car park with different colours) but you'll have to watch the sheep on some of those walks. Here's a link with directions: http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/pitlochry/benvrackie/index.html

There's also a wee loch before the last stretch up the mountain where overheated and thirsty setters can cool down and have a drink ;-)
Wow, those are stunning pictures Nicole!

Exactly what I had in mind when I thought about sharing pictures of our lovely dogs enjoying the scenery. We shall definitely give this route a try - it's not too far away from us. Busby looks every inch the Monarch of the Glen there!

Linda xx
This has the potential of becoming the Michelin Guide to the Best Scottish Walks for Setters ;-) Hope lots of others have more good suggestions too.
Another very beautiful place for walking (if you're ever that far up north) is Rosehall Trails and Walks forest park a bit further north from Inverness on the A839 by the Kyle of Sutherland. There are walks to choose from between 1.1km to 15km. The different walks are colour-coded and you get a wee map near the visitor's lodge at the entrance. The park is incredibly well-maintained and there are wildlife guides in the form of wooden posts with wild animals carved into them (and a button to press to hear the sounds they make) along some of the paths. See the website for more details: http://www.rosehallhighlands.co.uk/
The area around there is incredibly beautiful also for holidays in case anyone from this site ever gets to visit Scotland...




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