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This past Sunday, August 5, 2007, the Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee held its 4th annual Fun Day in our back yard. My husband Joe and I welcomed a bevy of Irish setters, two Gordons, and a 13 inch beagle to our home. We have a fenced 1/2 acre yard in the suburbs. As the day was quite warm and sunny we had 3 doggie pools out for the furkids which proved quite popular. A basket of balls and frisbees helped to amuse our setter friends.
The first excitement of the day came when one of the red Gordons jumped into our above ground pool. I never saw my dear husband sprint so fast! He bounded over the yard to the deck and hopped into the pool and saved Brady. We do have gradual steps into and out of the pool but Brady had not received the lesson in how to get out. Of course he was having a riot swimming in the big boy pool and did not realize his possible dangerous position.

Every member brought a snack to share which we enjoyed during the very short business meeting where we discussed our recent specialty and all volunteers were thanked. Our summer raffle raised approx. $1500 which will be used to fund next year's donations. Our speaker was Victoria Leigh who discussed reiki massage and demonstrated on a few dogs. She also does animal communication so we all lined up our dogs for Victoria to "read". I found out that our older setter Harvey loves the crowds and excitement of the dog shows and that his son Danny is really bonded to his own family and doesn't really care about the rest of the world. I thought she was pretty well on the mark with her conclusions. I also brought out a picture of my beloved setter Joseph whom I lost two years ago in June. It was such a relief to hear that while he hated to leave me, he was glad to leave his poor suffering body. She also said that Joseph will come back to me again. Not sure if I believe all that but she was an extremely nice, sincere woman.

After the program we had a lovely picnic meal. As competitive dog people can be, our club members don't always agree or see eye to eye on club matters. I believe that it is extremely important to have these social gatherings to remind us that we all have the love of our setters as our common base of interest. Also, it is a chance for those who have loving pets or rescues to show off their babies.

For me, besides our specialty, the Fun Day is one of the highlights of our summer. I think my snoring setters boys would agree.

Barb Janicek

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Comment by Gene on August 10, 2007 at 10:19pm
Hi Barb - Thanks for the report! Sounds like a whole lot of fun and raising $1,500 is terrific! I love it on days where my boys are just worn out and then that night they don't move because they are so tired. If you took any photos, please be sure and post them for us. Thanks!
Comment by watergirl0153226 on August 13, 2007 at 11:48am
Dear Gene,
Thank you for your kind comments. Our fun day is so special to me that I wanted to share.
Comment by watergirl0153226 on August 13, 2007 at 12:23pm
Dear Ginger,
You have such a generous heart! I don't know if you remember but I believe we met briefly at the Rhode Island national a few years ago. In person you were just as nice as your posts!
Comment by Jo Ottinger on March 31, 2008 at 6:41pm
Enjoyed reading about your fun day. I have always wondered what it would be like to have my family members read so that I would know if they are content or not. I hope our loved ones can come back to us someday it would be wonderful.
kathie jo and scout


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