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Why we got an irish setter.

We had a labrador named Tara and we lived in a street with several dogs. They were all friends and played with each other and ran around together and also with assorted children. For visitors it was often difficult to know which dog belonged to which family.
Then we moved house as we acquired more children. It was a beautiful big house wioth four acres of garden, all fenced and lotrs of freedom for our lovely Tara. But she only got to meet other dogs for an hour a day at the dogbeach. This was the highlight of her day. After all what dogs want most is to be with other dogs. I believe this has been the subject of a scientific study but anyone who has lived with one or more dogs knows this.
We (the children and I) had to work on the Man of the House to consent to a second dog; he did not want any more hostages to fortune.
We finally got his consent but he insisted that he choose the breed. We were all for getting a dogs' home dog but he insisted that if he had to have another dog it would be the breed of his choice and he used to have alovely Irish setter called Kelly.
I erupterd and said no way; I knew a dog called Seamus who used to run away all the time. The dogs were stupid; their coats were troublesome, why not another lab like our gorgeous Tara. While the storm was traging Irish setter puppies were advertised for sale in our local paper so we rang the breeder, who was from Queanbeyan in the ACT.Funnily it bacame an interview to make sure we were the right sort of people to provide ahome for His puppy.When I expressed my concerns about the dog's intelligence he explained very patiently that they are bred to be gundogs and you can't have ahunting dog that is not intyelligent. Most of the problems with the breed come from people forgetting or not knowing that they need entertaining and training. Once everyone had agreed to buying an Irish setter puppy, Geoffrey admitted that Kellie use dto run away quite alot...but he did always come home!
Next time, Coney's arrival!

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