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Hello All,

This last year has been a roller coaster for so many of us. Early April, 2020 we suddenly lost our beautiful Miss Molly to an inoperable cancer of the spleen when she was almost 12. Miss Molly truly rescued us all those years ago and filled each day with love and laughter. We miss her so much but treasure all the love and memories we carry in our hearts....she made sure we had an overflowing heart full of her love. 

Three weeks later the lady who never checks her email in the morning did to find an alert for a 5 1/2 year old Irish lad who had lost his owner. One look at his picture and I followed my heart that said he needs us as much as we need him. I only knew his age, that he lost his owner and was skinny due to a snatch and run eating style. No idea of medical, training or price and I didn't ask as son was dealing with loss of his Dad. I insisted he check out references and warned him he would be swamped with offers. Imagine telling your husband when he returns from a walk that you've offered your home to an Irish Setter you know only 3 things about! Alan was concerned about his age fearing bad habits would be hard to correct but all I could say was heart tells me this little lad needs us. Three days later Bailey Jo bounced out of his truck and my heart was stolen by this scared, skinny, tiny lad. Alan asked where the other half of him was! Medical and records were up to date with all injections and a dental done six weeks before he arrived at our home....heart worm preventative came with him. We refused his crate as we felt he needed the run of our home and they were surprised...evidently he was crated when left alone. Bailey Jo's house manners are perfect...no jumping on people ( though he has springs for legs),no accidents, no destroying things when finally left alone and amazingly no counter surfing! He desperately needed to gain weight so we added premium puppy chow with Greek yogurt handfed  to his routine until he put some weight on and was eating properly. Figured out why he was a snatch and run eater....he was terrified every time his tags clinked on his bowl! Guess I would be skinny too if I was afraid of my bowl! Smaller bowl and removing his collar at mealtimes fixed the immediate problem. We were home due to restrictions so we let him set the pace here but it was immediately clear who his person was....me! He was my shadow every second of the day and I couldn't be out of his sight the first six weeks...even my showers were under his supervision! The day he trotted off to lie by himself in the living room I knew he felt secure in our home and with us. We are coming up on his year anniversary with us and while he's still often afraid of things ( fly, ants crawling on patio) he mostly is a spunky, confident Irish lad who knows how to get us to fulfill his wishes. He is now about at his perfect weight at 48 pounds ( up from 30-35) and is getting closer and closer to his food bowl....no longer stretching his neck out as far as it will go to grab a bite. He has learned to play with soft toys and three months home he picked his go to toy out of the toy box.....the soft Lamb Chop toy that was our Molly's favorite. Magic moment for us as Alan swears now that our Molly guided this little lad to us ( toys were all new and a variety to tempt him so no way he picked up on a scent left from Molly). I can honestly say all of us spent the last year healing our hearts together. We rescued each other right when we needed each other the most!

Hope this finds you all well and that are world continues to open up .

Picture of our Bailey Jo added to my page. 

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Comment by James Doran on May 3, 2021 at 10:18am

Hi Sherry! My sincerest condolences for the heartbreaking loss of Miss Molly. Thanks for sharing the heartwarming story of how Bailey Jo came to you. Have a great life together. My best wishes as always.

Comment by Finding_Beau on May 9, 2021 at 11:56pm

Dear Sherry, I am very sorry to read your sad news about Miss Molly. Nothing can prepare us for such a great loss so I am pleased that you and Bailey Jo found each other and I believe Miss Molly had a paw in this. He will be thriving with all of your love. Take good care of yourselves, Susan and Misty xxxxx

Comment by Cornelia on May 15, 2021 at 8:33am

Hi Sherry, it was heartbreaking to read about your wonderful Molly! But I'm so glad, you found Bailey or may be better, he found you! He will have a splendid home with you and be spoiled rotten, that's for sure :-). All the best C & Joy xxx


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