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hi all !

I am wondering if you had similar experiences. Our Oberon is now hitting 8 years and half and the behaviour has changed a lot. He calmed down ( a  bit), which is not bad considering we are also hitting 50 years, but he is still crazy as an IS can be (although Oberon was always a gentle and not too crazy guy, for an IS standard i mean).. . However, is definitely more cuddle seeking and he wants to stay much closer to us (and our legs:)

a definite change in behaviour is in the parks. Although we have nice parks and commons were we take him (Hyde park, wimbledon forest, etc) , if he knows the parks sometimes he just sit down and start barking at us. he wants cuddles or entainterments, since he is bored. The only options that we have, to see him exploring and interested is to go far away in new places. Or, he likes when we do jogging so he can run fast  at our speed.

have you got similar changes in the behaviour? this fact that he sit down and barks has wondered me a bit, since I though he can have problems in the legs. But it doesnt seems the case, since when we run and jog he is very happy.... so: do they just start to be bored when they know the path ?? cheers


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