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I just took my dear boy Dash to the shopping centre where I work in a stationary store. My manager was at the shop so we aimed to go meet her so she could see him. On the way he saw underground car parking, beeping horns, general shopping centre noises, and the "awwwwws" we got I responded to "please come and meet him!" So he could meet strangers. He was so so good. My manager met him too and once he had finished checking her out I let her hold him. He was happy looking around, I cannot wait for him to be able to play with other dogs. We live near a dog beach and I volunteer at a doggy daycare so as soon as he can he is going to be visiting these places frequently. For now though, humans will have to do!! I'm hoping to carry him around the marina or some place busy on Saturday and asking everyone who shows interest if they could introduce themselves to him.

Also cannot wait for walks!!
Today I was at home with him all day, so we had some very short training sessions. We learned sit pretty much on his second day here, and he loves to do this. He got it within a minute. Oh the power of praise! And food lol. And that face when he looks up at me!!! So today I did some more work on his name, and "come!"
He's constantly supervised, and when he can't be, he goes in his crate, but usually he's ready for a nap by then anyway. If he does evade my sight (darn you open plan house) I just call "Dash!!" "Dashie!!" "Come!" And unless very very distracted he comes running.
So today for a few tries, I asked him to sit, gave verbal praise (I'm mixing treats and verbal and physical praise at random) stepped back saying "stay" (which he did - praise!) and then said "come" (this was a very smooth but fast action) and he came! Little steps! After a break, I tossed some treats in to his crate and said "in your bed" then praised when he did.
Repeat this a few times, and I now have a very happy puppy who sits outside his crate, then jumps in with so much enthusiasm. Treats and praise! Then a sit inside his crate before asking him to come out again. Today he also took himself there to have his naps twice. And regularly he goes in to fetch his favourite toys - one being a golden plushie dog we gave to him on his first day. It's bigger than his head so he loves to snuggle with it. Despite all this, he's slept a lot during the day, I let him nap mostly where he wants, which is strangely just on the tiles. But he also goes to his crate as well and sometimes my lap (but not for long) as he may like the tiles but I do not!
I've also been praising for when we are around the house and he's settled and calm. I've been adding words to it "settle down" and then praising. At some point also, I attached his lead and praised him. I kept it loose, at the very end, and focused on verbally asking him to follow. Lots of praise. I aim for all these sessions to feel like a game, short lived and ended on a good note. That's how I trained my horses - so they come to look forward to it!
I just love when he's pouncing on his toys and galloping around. He has the best little gallop!
I also love our sleepy 2am potty break - he is so floppy and sleepy. At these times I don't give him much more attention than a good boy and sometimes a small cookie for going where he should, then back to bed..But as well as that, on the way back, there is a sneaky puppy kiss. I won't be able to do it much longer as he's just all legs and I can see him growing already. I've only had him six days!
We are still settling in and getting used to everything, any hiccups we do have are all solvable and mostly things that just need time. I was too young to remember the early days of my last old boy, so this is a new adventure for me. I hope to do the best I can, but I need to accept that puppies will be puppies as well. I love him even though I'm tired and worried!!!

That's it for now , I'm going to go snuggle with the sleepy Dashie who's next to me.

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Comment by silvia on March 13, 2014 at 1:19pm

Hi Becky, socialising is very very important and Dash will love it! :)

It looks as you think about everything with lot of care, well done! One tip that may help you in future: when Oberon was a puppy we introduced him to the hair drier. What i did was to leave one  hairdrier on,  on the floor, at the center of the room. We all sat on the floor saying "what's that, what's that ";) and eventually, after a few days,  Oberon went closer and closer and did  a good sniff at that noisy and scaring object ;)

He get used very quickly and how he absolutely loves it! very very useful when we come back very wet from walks or when we camp near beaches !

Dash is lovely!!!

Comment by Angela Clarke on March 13, 2014 at 3:19pm

If only more people took as much care training their dogs as you do and show the love you obviously have for your boy there would not be rescue groups only for dogs orphaned by there humans death,, ( even then arrangement would have been made in advance).  Dash is a very lucky pup to have you, well done Becky :)

Comment by Sue Paterson on March 14, 2014 at 3:58am

Oh the joys of those puppy days! Its such an adventure every minute of every day. Dash is a lucky pup:)

Comment by Kimberly Simmons on March 14, 2014 at 8:56am
I don't know if you drive through car washes, Becky, but I've taken Dougal from puppyhood without an incident. When the water and sounds began, I didn't make a fuss, just said "look at that..." And just sat calmly letting him look around. A lot of situations, if you're calm and act as if it's no big deal, that's how they'll relate to it! Have fun, and get used to being stopped everywhere you go as people will want to love on him! Lol


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