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I came across this video today, 25 May 2016 that I created more than 3 years ago but set to Private, most likely because it was too short. The tears streamed down my face when I watched this video. Hobson was suffering from a serious undiagnosed neck problem at the time that had twisted his spine and his pelvis and caused severe arthritis in both hind legs. All the vets and natural therapists kept telling me there was nothing wrong. Hobson was suffering extreme pain because of all these "incompetents"! Hobson was also suffering from undiagnosed Demodectic Mange because the vets had either not checked for this or else performed the test incompetently. Despite his ill health he went out into the surf to make certain Misty was alright and then he came straight to me. I miss my Beautiful English Setter boy Hobson so incredibly much. He was an extraordinary dog and the gift to me of a lifetime. xxxxx

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Comment by Finding_Beau on May 24, 2016 at 11:01pm

It is heart-breaking for me when I see Hobson like this but he continued to defy the odds because he was such a strong boy and he knew how much he was loved by me. It took a long time but Hobson's coat was finally growing back with health. He was free from pain because of his medication. He was progressing with his orthopaedic problems because I finally found a competent canine chiropractor who used very gentle techniques. None of us could save Hobson from Hemangiosarcoma but I did not leave his side and I have no regrets. 

I had problems loading the video of Misty yesterday for some reason whereas this video loaded without a problem?

The tears are still streaming down my face but I know Hobson will always be with Misty and I. My Beautiful Boy, My Hobson xxxxxx


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