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Hi All!

I am new to this site but like everyone else I love the crazy setters! At present I have a 4year old boy who is neutered. I know there is alot of controversy regarding neutering setters but it can't be undone now!

I am now considering having another setter. Would I be best getting a female or another male? Reilly is quite a calm setter, he is well behaved and has been relatively easy to train.Earlier this year we lost his old doggy companion, Zola, who was a very sweet natured and patient collie cross. I feel Reilly is missing having his friend to play with and seeks other dogs when out walking

Any advice welcome from those with more experience of setter

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Hi welcome to ES I have only had girls so am unable to offer an anser from experiance.I would think that it may not matter to much, but I guess Zola was female and they got on then that may be the road to go on,or pick up on the gender of the dogs he seeks out to play with. Enjoy the site, there are many people here who can give you a more positive anser <:0)

Hi Carole, Im new too :) please this is just from my own personal experience. But maybe a girl would be better for your Reilly as opposite sexes generally get along better and your advantage is that Reilly is desexed :) I have a boy and 2 girls all desexed all love each other. Im sure Reilly would just love a new setter friend :))) talk soon
Welcome to ES Carol. We have 2 entire boys Hamilton 8yrs Micawber 3 yrs. They are great friends although H is posh dog amd M is the exact opposite always in trouble and I think by choice would probably live in the pond. When H was 20 mths we had 1 of his half brothers who sadly died aged just 4 yrs. Previously I had 2 girls followed by 4 boys and my 1st choice now would always be boys

Hello Carol,

We have two entire males and a female,Fred and Ellie were seven when Arthur joined the family and we have had no problems at all.I think it is important that the male dog that is already part of your family always 'comes first' so he is the first through the door,the first to be fed,etc.It has worked well for us although it doesn't seem to matter now.Ellie is really the pack leader but we made sure that Fred was the one that knew he was before Arthur.

I know what I mean I just hope it makes sense to you!

Good luck with your new addition when you get him/her!

No problem with another male!

 We have Dust(8 year old ) and Fonzie( 4 year old) and  they are the best friends...

Hello Carole, some but not all castrated dog are attractive to intact dogs, they are mounted by them just as if they were a bitch in season. If Reily has ever been troubled in this way, I would have a bitch rather than a dog to avoid the potential problem. Otherwise I'm sure Reily would be happy with either dog or bitch, he sounds a lovely boy.

Except for brief periods, I have always had males with functioning parts. I currently have brothers. I have never experienced any difficulties other than when one dog was aging and didn't want to be bothered. All except one lived long lives. The only drawback might be a tendency to go on the prowl but I now have 3A of invisible fence which yrs. ago was not available to install yourself. What a game changer. I live in a rural area but in an old home close to what was once a country lane. The boys have been tested by other dogs, cats, joggers, bicycles and Harleys with no issues. I'm still waiting to see what happens when a deer comes through. Good luck.

Hi! Thanks for all your helpful comments, I appreciate them all! I now think Reilly would like a little brother as he does seem to like to play with the boys ?!

ES is like having an extended family, reassuring to know you are all there to help and advise. Will hopefully post some photos soon

I have a dog aggresive 6 yr old neutered male and a 17 month old entire male and so far I've had no problems at all. They are the best of pals, share bones, toys, sofas etc, and sleep together at night.  We were careful to introduce them gradually and Rigsby was crate trained so was kept out of harms way while we were not around.  They soon bonded and now they are inseperable.  




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