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8 years old male irish red setter is looking for the new home in Estonia

8 years old male irish red setter is looking for the new home in Estonia. Owner just let the dog in rented apartment behind herself and owner of the rented apartment discovered the dog (no one knows how many days he spent without the food and water). Coat is in very bad condition but will be recovered, still very thin but have good appétit. In general energetic, trained dog with some specific issues into character definitely because of the heave life behind. For the possible inquiries: nnatalja@hotmail.com or 00 372 56453942 or skype nnatalja2010

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Poor thing, I hope someone will give him a loving forever home :-(

Why  people do this is beyond me.

I hope he finds a good home

that makes me feel so sad. Hope he finds a home.

Cupper got great new home, by people living on the island Saaremaa with own stable, 10 horses and 5 years old irish setter girl this story has happy end and this dog got really perfect home for him

great he found his new home
Poor wee dog why do people do this?  So glad he has his forever home.  :-)
What fabulous news.  I'm sure he will love his new life in his forever home.  Lovely ending.
Great news ! he certainly deserves a happy ending after what he went through ! Good luck Cupper !




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