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I ment to keep a very low profile indeed, but lets have this one as well before I fade quietly in to the background and shut up, shall we? Its dead-safe and every breeder can join in!
How do you name your litters?
Do you start at A?
Do you have a theme, and what is it? Does it follow through all your litters or has each litter a theme of its own?
I grew up during the 60`s and my life was very dominated by the 60`s + 70`s style of (mainly british) music. I went to art school in London during that time, so for me the choice of names for my puppies was easy.
Mainly pop/rock stars.
I pick a star = Beatles, Stones, Elton John, John Lennon etc and then use suitable songtitles for each puppy.
So A John Lennon litter, a Stones litter etc.
Quite fun and makes (so I think) for some great names.
I also once had a puppy-buyer choosing between two dogs, unable to make his mind up. So finally we played both songs and he picked the one he liked the best!
See...THAT was a safe thread was it not! :-)

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I found nice site with show names:




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