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I have been wanting to ask about this for a long time but thought I had better keep a low profile as far as upsetting subject are concerned. And this is another one that upsets me! The use of electric collars. Banned in Sweden, but obviously in use in other parts of the world. I had almost forgotten about these instruments of torture, but found a referance to them on one of the websites linked to this site.
It states that XXXX is responding well to her training with the electric collar...

I think it is upsetting that with all the "intelligent" trainingmethods about, and all that we have learned about clicking and shaping etc, some will still try the shortcut that an electric collar provides. A remote-controll buzzing that (at least to me) shows that some people would be better off doing something else than training dogs.
Or am I the only one feeling this strongly about this subject?

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I remember those spiky-collars very well and yes they are also forbidden to use here. But I believe they are still OK in Norway.

I also was told that when I started my army-dog-training that a chokechain-collar was essential! This was to be used on an Irish setter that already was an obediance champion and that was very eager to please me. I never used the choke collar but I remember using it on my toy-poodle (?!) when I first started out training at the age of 11. EVERYBODY used them in 1961 and spiky ones as well.
I was just too stupid to know anything else.
I think its like anything else.
We are used to it, and it works perfectly, so why change?
Well there where plenty of VERY obediant dogs about in the 60s and 70s.
These days we can train with less physical effort and reach the same result by 100% positive enforcement.
Perhaps just considering alternative ways is a step in the right direction! :-))))




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