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Congrats to Carina and Lena (and their dogs) on a great showing in Sweden. Both posted updates down in the blog section. For major shows like this, let's create individual discussion threads so we can announce they are coming up and pictures can be posted. Did anyone else attend? Any pictures would be appreciated. Thanks!

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sorry, you know me - could not resist ;o)
and yes, there is a delete button, but maybe everybody wants to have a good laugh - like jelena :-) so i leave it as it is. and one more time, yes, i meant AC not AI :)
Hi Laura

lovely to read your story whilst sitting at home relaxed in the cool with the rain falling outside and the dogs happy on their sofas, beds, etc... You have to be addicted and a little bit crazy to do this 'dog-thing'.
I'm just afraid I may be in trouble this coming weekend, when we have our swiss clubshow in Ascona in the south of Switzerland, practically only accessible via the Gotthard road tunnel which at this time of year is usually jammed full of holiday tourists...
Hi Susan,
yes, I am a bit crazy but I love to do adventurous stuff :) spontanious ideas, etc, isn't it these things that make life so beautiful? Even if in that moment, they might seem just horrible...
Crazy? Yeah. But as you see from my photos, it is not only shows... In fact, it is a happy dog life, with some shows :-) but I think my girls are OK with that, whatever we do, if they can be with me :)
Yes, tourists... I did not mention our way home... the road crossing of route 7 and 8... all those weekend holidayers driving home from the lake Balaton... and the forest fires along the road...
Maybe also better for you to drive a day earlier and do the banana-sleeping :)
Which language part of Switzerland do you live in? And who judges the club show?
I wish we would live more central in Europe so I could visit shows in the 'West' also...
Hi Laura,
we are all a little bit crazy - it must come with the breed!
I live in the area of Switzerland where swiss german is spoken, a dialect not easily understood by people who speak regular german fluently... Switzerland really is in the centre of Europe (and still not EU...) so if I want to I can visit shows in the surrounding countries and sometimes Belgium and The Netherlands, where competition is tough! Unforunately the year does not have enough weekends for fitting in all I would like to do...
oh, i know. i speak fluently german as i spent my childhood in germany but while in sweden, i had a friend from switzerland and when she called her mum, they spoke that dialect and i was not able to understand anything, not even the conjuctions :-))
You sound a very international person:-))

Sorry, I forgot to answer your question about the judge: Guy Kips from Luxemburg is judging.
bad stacking of course but i load them anyway :-)
if i were you, i would check my face on the pictures. priceless, most of the times...
Thanks for sharing all of these pictures, Laura. I knew you meant A/C and not A/I. I bet Lego put Jelena up to teasing you about it.
Nice photos anyway. I think the photos taken while the dog is being judged tend to be better. We all try harder. Afterwards you are too excited about winning to stack your dog properly.

yes, you are right. i know that i am always too excited when i know that photos are taken. if i don't know, everything is OK.btw, i have some nice "paparazzi" ones from ljubljana in january taken that way. and i love them.




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