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Irritating things that OTHER dog-owners do...

Laura got me thinking about this one when she had a quick moan about stupid setter-owners in another discussion. So as the discussions seem to have come to a grinding halt all of a sudden, lets start a fresh one...this one is about what irritates you about OTHER dog owners and their dogs.
Not us on this page...but all the rest...
Personally I get totally pissed off when dog-owners let their dogs dash straight at my bitches and stick their noses up their behinds. My bitches normally sit down rapidly and show how displeased they are about this un-gentlemanlike behaviour.
Normally the dog-owner will then come out with something like: "Oh dont they like other dogs?"...or "He just wants to play!"
That to me, is rather like walking in the street and someone just dashing up and grabbing my breasts.
I would get somewhat enoyed as well!
More than "somewhat" actually!
Labradors seem to be experts at this...and their owners seem to accept it.

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"He/she only wants to play" is also a favorite when the dog comes running towards you tail straight up in the air and and a definate NO PLAY-look on his face.
Lots of owners seem to have huge difficulty reading their own dogs bodylanguage!
Great Ursula, this must be the start of your new discussion theme: body language (dog! especially Setter).
What are the first signs of aggression? How do you react?
Should keep us busy for a while...
Susan...ANOTHER great ONE (yes this is body-language) are the stupid and ignorant owners that will let their dogs (mainly male) GLARE at each other with the lead all tight, obviously imagining that these two dogs are just saying "Hello".
Nothing that affects me as such, but something I see very often when there are groups of dog-owners about. And yes, first sign of aggression...glaring and stiffening of body.
Turning the dogs head away for a start.
Change direction in some way...

(I am supposed to get on with an article but how can I when I keep getting little flashes of so-and-so has replied to a discussion? Hello there Gene! You may eventually be responsible for a personal economic disaster in far away Sweden...ever thought of that?) :-)
Var rädd för detta, så flitig som du är ;))
What I do not like

i do get tired of hearing he only wants to play. I just started to take Scout to a small dog park close to home and most of the dog there in the morning are really nice there is one that thinks its ok to knock Scout down. I have to seperate them as his owner will not do anything

Or the person who will give your dog a treat without asking if it is ok.

We have several dog owners in our area who think it is ok to let their dogs off leash and as their dogs are acting agressive that they are ok and will not do anything.

The dog owner who never cleans up after their dog.
The least favourite pet peeve of mine is the owner of small dogs who let them run around - either on long flexi leash or no leash at all, and while the dog is barking and snarling its head off towards the other people and dogs passing by, they laugh and think it is "soooo cute and funny". And they name them Spike. :o| It makes me so mad, because when I walk with my irish down the street, some people will yell/scream " I AM GOING TO KILL YOU AND YOUR DOG!" while Lego is either completely ignoring them or wagging his tail and smiling. :o\
but, the small dog behaviour- oh, it is ok, they are small. >:O\
I must live a VERY sheltered life! I have NEVER come across anyone yelling they are going to kill me and my dogs!!!!!!!
Perhaps they just think it? :-)
But I have bred a setter called Spike...he was named after one of Elvis Costellos albums.
Quite correct, smaller dogs get away with far more than bigger ones!

(owner of pugs and french bulldog as well as setters)




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