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nationel/internationel or inofficiell dogshows?

In Sweden is it a lot of Irish red Setters who entries the inoficiell dogshows, but not the nationel/internationel dogshows. I´m wonder why? Is it the same in other countries?

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I don't think we will be at the World Show (probably will just fly over to watch), but we may come later in the year when Pika will be back in condition after the puppies.
I think that the key to why it’s so many entries at the unofficial breedshows is just what Camilla said ”relaxed atmosphere and good fun”. It’s the whole package of meeting people with common interest and having a good day or weekend and showing the dog at the same time. Because of that I think it draws people who’s usually not interested in dogshows, and of course the fee is cheaper.
Now I may not be the right person to get mixed up in this thread as I hardly ever show and rather work with my dogs at obediance.
I belong to:
SBK = Swedish working dog club (all bredds)
SKK = Swedish Kennelclub (all breeds)
SISK = official breddclub almost totally dedicated to hunting (irish setters)
ISF = unofficial breedclub mainly interested in shows (Irish setters)
To me unofficial shows are only there to perhaps give the dog a run through before the "real" thing. And now I am mainly talking about obediance.

What happens is that you will have setters fighting setters for the obediance-ribbons and so the compertition amongst the dogs is LOW.
Comparetivly speaking.
You are not out there in the real world competing against BC's and dogs with the same method of working.
It may be a great boost to your ego, but ribbons gained that way actually mean nothing, other than a bit of fun. And perhaps thats where I go wrong...taking it all so seriously. :-)

I give all my puppy-buyers a year-long subscription in ISF and support the club. I do think its a great idea not being so single-minded and actually accepting that times have changed and that the setter is no longer JUST a hunting-dog but can be used in so many differant ways.
But to me (at least the working-part) is just a "pretend"-situation as it never will be official and also is not a true compertition. Unfortunatly many people not so "in the know" have no idea that there actually IS a differance.
One ribbon looks the same as another.
In fact the "unofficial" ones are normally MUCH more impressive to look at!

Sorry for being such a negative spoil-sport.
Also forgot to mention that the person judging this need not be a qualified judge.
(If the same rule applies to obediance that Alenka mentioned when it comes to shows, I have no idea). But I do know that a lot of the times I have seen results of setters having amazingly high points at these shows.
And you think WOW THAT IS BRILLIANT!!!!!!!
Until you check up that particular dogs result in the real (and official) copertition-world...
Its great to be told how fantastic your dog is, but at times a rude awakening will follow.
If you are talking about the obediance entries at the ISF shows they are NOT higher than at the official shows. I think this year we have not had even one single entry, although obediance is always offered at each ISF show.
Oh, I was not talking about entries being higher I was talking about results!
Meaning points gained.
It was years ago I visited a ISF-show in person, and perhaps obediance-entries have nosedived just in 2007 but previous years there have been entries of dogs competing in obediance at ISF-shows. And in quite a few cases with high points that have not been repeted in the "real" world.
But quite right, the thread was about SHOWING and nothing else...
Sorry, will try to keep my mouth shut.
To answer the original question (instead of explaining different show systems),
I think there are a number of reasons why the entries are higher at the unofficial show:

- always breed specialist judges
- the entry fees (half price compared to official shows)
- there is no quality grading, so you can not get a "blue" ribbon - you are only either placed or not
- the total amount of dogs at the show is much less than at the big all breed shows (for example bringing a puppy out for the first time at a indoor, kennel club show can be very stressfull, but bringing it to an outdoor ISF show is a pleasant experience).
- the atmosphere and the side arrangements, dinners etc.

Personally I go to all kinds of shows - official Swedish kennel club shows, official breed club shows and the ISF (unofficial) breed shows - and I do enjoy all of them, but I think that the above are the reasons why there are always more entries at ISF.

I totally agree with you on this. We also always have the largest entries at our Club show because people so much enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and great food. They take it as more of a family picnic than dog show. Many members come just to watch and we always have lots of puppies there as well who rarely come to the bigger shows.




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