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Thought this was the easiest way to ask you all: do you have your private messages left? Mine disappeared yesterday evening, I only have the last one left... I had some really nice ones that I definately want to have back! Already sent a message to Gene, hope he can help. Just wonder whether it is a problem only from my side or not. I am absolutely sure that I did NOT delete them, I am "user friendly" :-)
Can you please check? Thanks in advance!

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Mine are all still in place Laura...
oh noooooooooooo!!! :-((( maybe i am too social???? and they disappear after a while??? :-(((
can you please resend your last message(s) that i've received from you???
Mine are also still in place Laura

At Ning was Changes to Messaging.
This change also means that any messages currently in your global message center will need a new home. By default, when they make this change, they will be deleting all prior messages in the global message center.

However, if you'd like to keep a copy of the messages you've sent and received, we're here to help. There are two options:

1) They'll give you a CSV file of your messages you can download to your computer.
2) They can funnel all of your messages to your favorite network.

Unfortunately I think that it was happened :(
uh, great.
thanks for the explanation.
but why does everybody else have their messages? but not me???
I just checked again...and they are still all there in my in-box.
Discrimination Laura!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry Laura, mine are there too...

BTW I don't understand a word of the Ning reply...
you are from the old generation ;-))))
Thanks. :o/
PC-wise of course :-)
What about me?
I must be super-ancient...and come to think of it, I dont even have a PC!!!!!!!!!!!!
But the "old generation-insult" can not apply to people using MAC can it?
I'm sorry. It can.

(Wonder what all the other members think of us... We have a good time, don't we? :))




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