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Thought this was the easiest way to ask you all: do you have your private messages left? Mine disappeared yesterday evening, I only have the last one left... I had some really nice ones that I definately want to have back! Already sent a message to Gene, hope he can help. Just wonder whether it is a problem only from my side or not. I am absolutely sure that I did NOT delete them, I am "user friendly" :-)
Can you please check? Thanks in advance!

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a person messaged me that also hers are gone. i makes me happy that i am not the only one :-)
That would be me!!! Gues with the 35 limit Susan set I also now qualify as old............

believe it or not, my messages are back :-))))
maybe it was Gene in the background, if yes, THANK YOU GENE!
Wasn't me...it was NING support. I was just the little messenger boy!

If that other person you reference lost them as well, I would think NING could get them back.




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