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Could someone advise what is the best size/make of soft crate to get? I have two setters and a Ford Focus estate with a dog guard which is fine on short journeys, it would just be mainly for showing the pup, who will be full-size before I know it! What size do most people use? Are big crates a problem at benched shows? I'm looking for a UK supplier?

Linda xx

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For benched shows, a 36" soft crate will fit onto a bench. For outdoor shows I use a 42" crate for an adult setter.
Be careful putting a puppy into a soft crate, they can chew their way out! Or at least do quite a lot of damage to it.
Thank you for your reply Margaret.

Linda xx
Thank you for your advice, I've just purchased a 42" Pet Gear one which was on offer here:


£30 cheaper than anywhere else and free delivery!

I think my girls suit green - very Irish!

Linda xx




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