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I have just had Tara's Hypothyroidism T4 results back and they are completely normal, right bang in the middle of the range. Other labwork was also normal so no Pyometra (sp?) either, phew!

She is still swollen around the stomach and has swollen teats also but no milk? I have been giving her homeopathic Pulsatilla, but to no great effect.

The vet will now give us medication for false pregnancy, although the timing of such is weird given that she was last in season in Feb.

She is not shown and I won't be breeding from her so I think I should perhaps consider having her spayed now - I really don't want that lovely coat of hers disintegrating into orange fluff like everyone says will happen. However the fear is now that she will be hormonal, miserable and at risk of womb infection, and her health must come first.

If anyone who has already spayed their bitch can advise on the resultant coat I'd be grateful.

Linda xx

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