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My 14 week old puppy bitch wets herself when asleep, it only seems to happen when she is in a deep sleep and i have to wash, dry and cream her privates as she has got some nasty spots as a result,she is going in for a scan to make sure all is ok, has anyone else experienced this and is it something she will grow out of?

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Yes, I have had this with a number of female puppies. No need for a scan (had one done on the first puppy this happened to and it showed nothing abnormal). I have been told that this leakage is due to a mild infection and no need to give any anti-biotics either. The puppies own imune-system will take care of it but you need to keep her warm. I have had this happening when the puppies have got cold outside. Often (in for instance spring) the air is warm, but the ground is still cold and playing outside, puppies will sometimes fall asleep outside and just get cold.
It has also happened when the small puppies have gone to the beach and have been playing in the water, getting cold.

You get this not only with setters but (according to my vet) also with other breeds like labradors. And predominantly in female puppies due to their urethra being so much shorter than in males. (Same for women who will be quicker to get urinary tract infections).

If just kept out of too much cold contact with the ground, this will normally clear up by itself. And puppies I have bred that have had this, never showed any weaknesses concerning bladder or anything else later on in life.
They just grow out of it.
We used to treat with anti-biotics years back, but now no longer bother (unless its a realy bad case).
The spots you are talking about are of course a result of the urine and also nothing to get worked up about.

I hope you feel a bit less worried now Kirsty!
I know I was totally worked up when this happened to me with a puppy in my third litter. Overeager vets did not help matters either...there was talk of deformed urinary tract and god-knows-what....not easy to keep your cool when you have a crying puppy-buyer on your hands and a happy (but leaking) puppy.
So I payed for all scans and as I said...nothing wrong whatsoever.
Thanks for that, she was already booked in for a scan so duly went, i was more worried about the very large pus filled spots she had developed on her privates. The vets were doom and gloom ectopic urethra, will need an operation and you wont be able to breed from her, i was totally in shock, they not only scanned her but did xrays called a contrast study, £368 worth. Results inconclusive but xrays showed her bladder positioned high in her pelvic area which could cause it and will drop after she has a season, they wanted to do further tests i said no way we will leave her and see if she grows out of it after her season. I am washing her bum with hibiscrub, drying and creaming like a baby with nappy rash. What a night mare.
Yes I experienced this with my bitch Anna and I was told not to worry about it by other breeders. She grew out of it without any visit to the vet.
Thanks for that too late to stop the scan and xrays they performed results inconclusive and yes she could grow out of it after she has a season.
i Krsty,

yes I have also experienced it in two bitch puppies some years ago. Sometimes when in a deep sleep they would loose control. By about 4 both had grown out of it. One of the bitches bitch was spayed at around 2 years of age and immediately developed a 'leakage' problem. So maybe there was a predisposition or maybe this was pure chance. I don't know.

I would only do a scan if she is incontinent at other times also, even when awake.
hi susan,
firstly 3 cheers for Sh Ch Anlory Valpollicella, thanks for your reply, she was already booked for a scan and duly went, they not only scanned her but xrayed her doing a contrast study, £368 worth. They were doom and gloom beforehand ectopic urethra etc do not breed from her etc etc. The results were inconclusive but the xrays showed her bladder to be positioned quite high in her pelvic area which could cause leakage when she is asleep and it could right itself after she has a season, they wanted to do more tests i said No Way, lets leave her and see if she grows out of it. What a nightmare, whoever said dogbreeders make a lot of money are deluded, my vets have built a new practice out of me over the years.
Hi Kirsty!
I've been cheering for a while now... and had another go at the weekedn - was that her 4th? No reaction to my mail, but then I know N is not a happy keyboard hacker ;-))

Some vets tend to be a bit overenthusiastic and we are the ones who pay the bill at the end. Great to have this forum to compare notes!

all the best
hi susan,
Yes it was her 4th and Jane was there which was nice , Alice is looking really well and knows what a clever girl she is, hopefully this will open the door for all the other top class bitches he has at home.
have found this forum most interesting and will use it again, thanks for your imput.
Thanks for that , I think we have a bit of overeager vet syndrome, I will wait until after she has a season to see what happens with all the positive replies i have had my mind is much easier many thanks




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