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Budapest Eurodog Show 3-5 October 2008... Who is coming?

We had a similar discussion earlier in connection with the World Dog Show in Stockholm. Just wondering now who from this site is coming to the Eurodog held in Budapest - may it be showing or only visiting or taking photos :-) ? And what about the clubshow?

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i mean the clubshow deadline.
I plan to come to have a look at the males, I will not show kathy, because after her litter her hair is not so perfect. We will keep our fingers crossed for Danka and of cause for all Garden Star´s!


p.s. at the moment I am sitting in croatia enjoying the view over the see and the doggies enjoy swimming in the see.
Our 3 dogs - Marko, Rommie and Milly are entered on both days, so we are comming to. :)
i know who marko and rommie is, but who is milly? :-)
Laura, Milly is Karmino Made Improvisation, she is Marko's daughter.
thanks, i haven't seen her yet, only her sister i believe, in Austria.
I am not. :(
Laura keeps un-inviting me :)
if begging means un-inviting... ;-)
7 r/w irish, 51 gordons, 52 english, 83 irish red at the club show.
na még szép, hogy jössz!!!!
Hi Emese,
so we can take pictures of each other taking pictures.... we are coming with two dogs and two cameras, but Bruce will show the dogs, so he cannot take too many pictures. I will do that. Do you know who is going to show Rufus?
Or we can shoot crazy pictures that will annoy many people - a friend of mine did that in Zagreb! Dear me, some people did not like that but the photos were grand.




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