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9 month puppy bitch who refuses to let anyone go over her.

I wondered if anyone out there has experienced a puppy who has been shown since 6 months but suddenly has decided not to let anyone go over her.She started this at 8 months and has done this for the last 3 shows.Has anyone any idea how to overcome this problem.? She has not had a bad experience in the ring to my knowledge.

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Just let me know!
That's a great site - lots of Swiss things ;-)) thank you Margaret... But I have to admit too that it's a bit pricey.... I can definitely recomment the liver one. In Switzerland even vets use it and my boy has always been keen to go to the vet's ever since on the off chance he'll get some le parfait....
And all my puppy buyers went off with a tube when they picked up their puppy...;-))
Time-out is a good idea for any training I feel.
There is always a danger of them getting stuck in the behaviour-pattern otherwise (unless tre training changes totally).
Goes for other type of training and should be the same for this.
I am certain she will grow out of this! :-)




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