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i have two beautiful girls now aged 9 months

I am a bit concerned about one of them - she comes back when called - the other acts like a real setter and ignores me until she feels like it.

Does anyone else have a setter that displays this unusual behaviour and should I be worried

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And more mud! there is always mud, even in the summer when you are in the middle of a concrete city, they still manage to get muddy paws before shaking paws os hugging...

And we love them for all these little things... Makes me wonder who is crazier, setters or setter owners =)

Maia must be semi normal, she loves to lie in any mud she can find - and then jump up to let you see how dirty she is, and long claws as well



Red has a new trick now - 2 paws, first one then the other so he can get his balance. We definitely didn't teach him that! He is also excellent at hunting out mud and even better at smelly, stagnant water. Shame he doesn;t like being hosed down in the garden so much!
Alan, Red must take after his abnormal sister, he is not a normal Setter and comes back every time - it helps that he is especially greedy and know we always have treats in our pockets...trouble is he also sniffs out other people with treats and goes to them when they are calling their dogs and sits like a good boy!
I should have put in that Maia comes back for her hotdog sausage, I know it is bribery, but she does come back.  I wonder how the rest of the family do

this one made me laugh!  you trained him so well he wants to share his training with everyone else....so they will share their goodies with him. 

hi alan, poppy usually comes back unless she is on the chase of birds if so we've had it! basil just always does what he is told (musn't be a normal setter) i hope the girls are ok, poppy has just had her first season which wasn't too bad but i'm not having her spayed.

Alison,, Pleased poppy and basil doing well.  The girls havent had their first season yet, how did you cope with basil.  havent made our minds up what to do - keeping hearing stories for and against, will have to make mind up soon


take care


Alan & Jen


p.s girls send their love to sister poppy

hi alan, nice to hear from you all. the girls are looking great! we had about 3 bad days with basil poppy had to be kept in her cage (or thats where she took herself) i think she was frightened of him but apart from that everything was fine. i have seen setters who have been spayed and it had spoilt their coats so at the moment i am not going to get poppy done. i might change my mind when her next season comes around!! who knows. love to the girls from poppy




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