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i have two beautiful girls now aged 9 months

I am a bit concerned about one of them - she comes back when called - the other acts like a real setter and ignores me until she feels like it.

Does anyone else have a setter that displays this unusual behaviour and should I be worried

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Saddly, Romã's favourite command has become "Abracinho" (little hug) so you can see how bad it has become! I keep telling her off, but everyone seems to love her hugs. She is so cute doing it, people don't mind being hugged by her even when she has muddy paws. It's very hard to fight it and even tough I don't have kids myself, I do have my nephews to be concerned about! I have managed it to a point where she only does it when asked, but why, oh why doesn't everyone just prefer the "hand shake" ????

Nice forum. Mine are pretty good- well Jenny charges about like a mad thing but she does come back - when she feel like it!

Squirrel suits?! I think Errol would only ever stay close to me if I turned into lump of cheddar....

You could always take off your socks!

You would terrorize Molly here with that squirrel suit for the first five minutes...if you did not speak she might remain afraid but once she hears a human voice you would be sunk.  My Molly does greet others with a raised paw for a paw shake...so far does not jump on others but that paw shake trick can also backfire on you....she offers to shake over and over for attention and seems to think she should have a paw on one of us most of the time.  Perhaps that is the Irish Setter equilvilent of keeping us under their thumbs?
Is that paw thing a setter trade? I always thought Errol was taught to do this by his previous owners. It drives me nuts!
;)    Well, could be both really, couldn't it?!
I'll pass on your suggestion to the men in my house. You seem to forget that I'm a lady... so naturally my feet smell of roses.
Of course! Silly of me!
Lucky you only get one paw how 2 somehow manage to sit and put both feet on you (in other dogs it would be called begging) great when they're covered in mud!!
Everytime we get an Irish Setter I swear I am not teaching them to shake paws, or to high five and everytime somehow I forget and teach them...only takes about a minute to teach that shake thing...and then we are back to the pawsy Irish Setter again!  It is very much an Irish Setter trait.

... long claws...   :(




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