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advertisements on this site. Look on the right-->

Hi all.
I´m not sure if we all have the same frame here but when I´m on the ES-site I always have ads on the right side of the screen that lead to so called breeders who sell IS-puppies for very low prices. Don`t get me wrong I don`t what to accuse anyone for anything but is this a good idea to give these breeders such a platform? Here in this forum?
I would be very interested in your opinion.
Thank you.

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Hi Christina,
I totaly agree with you ! These breeders are not the kind of breeders we want to be linked with !
I too agree with you Christina.Does this web site have to share its space with google advertisers???? I would prefer it if it didnt.
I think it is the advertisers that help pay for this site to exist, Gene has asked us in the past to click onto the adds! without them perhaps we might expect to have to pay a membership fee? looking on the blog visable page today, there are 3 members advertising the arrival of a litter of puppies, free of charge. I believe in not judging a book by it's cover, the sellers in the ads and the ES members could be good people or not, you have to investigate to make a judgement.

Fran there is a litter of field trial puppies in the freeads site!
I also notice that there is for sale a 6 months old Irish setter puppy dog for sale or rather who needs rehoming as the owners circumstances have changed. I wonder if the breeders know about him. If it were one of mine , I would be taking him back first!
I totally agree with you. These ads are unethical and should not be seen on this page. The thing is, a webpage like this depends on Googe Adsense. Adsense matches your topics with ads, and you get a share per click. I believe that as the owner of a webpage one can object to certain ads that appear on one's page, as not all ads are ethical, and they do not seem to be scanned properly. To answer colette's question: no, one does not have to share space with adsense. One applies for it. Basically, adsense it is a good principle to earn at least some money with a webpage. However, some things just go wrong (There is another ad agency, but it costs lots of money to take part in their scheme).

Maybe it would be an idea to complain with Google? I am sure they would even be grateful for our input. After all, they want to be taken seriously, too.
Hi All,
here is Australia we don't get ads for puppies. Usually it is for mobile phones, dog training or weight loss. I always ignore the last ones.
I think the ads refer to what we write on the page....so if you write something about pups....there will be an ad about pups appearing....on the other end if you write about another topic....you will see an ad about that! The computer picks up words in the conversation and looks for ads to go with it!
I don't think this is happening here, if you look at the ads section you have arrows to forward or back to the next set of ads, it rotates, the irish setter puppies ad is always there. Please remember we don't have to look at them, but in my view, looking keeps you in touch with the good and bad things that go on, what you don't know about, you can't influence. If ever I saw a puppy that needed my help I would act. Most of the advertisers and buyers are I'm sure good caring Irish Setter lovers, you don't have to be a show breeder/affix holder to qualify, I would answer the ad if I felt an offer of good advice were needed, the walfare of the puppy is the most important thing.
Rosie, if you then go on your page and look at what ads appear ....you will see they are different from the main page! Depending on what is written on your page!
For those of you who were not initial members the ads have been there from the beginning. They are contextual ads in that they look at the content (words) we create/post and then systematically attempt to display targeted/customized ads. As others have said, these ads pay for the site.

I have thought of sponsoring the site myself to get rid of the ads but really haven't had many complaints. There are not a lot of free worthwhile sites that have no types of ads whatsoever. We are basically getting this site for free and Ning needs to pay the bills.
Just to keep every one in the loop. We may start seeing display or picture ads on the right hand side of the pages starting this week (in the same place you see the text ads today). These are ads that are supposedly targeted and of interest to us although sometimes I am sure they will be off the mark.

Just wanted people to be aware of this change. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!




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