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Anything  I post here doesn't necessarily reflect my personal opinion, but here is an interesting take on the dry versus natural diet argument. Take from it what you like.


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I don't think the intention of the article was meant to make us feel guilty but rather to inform. And no, I'm not as disciplined as I should be regarding "clean" eating. But I was eating processed food while making homemade babyfood for my kids, so feeding my animals the best seems perfectly natural to me! lol

Yes I have actually.  I have just posted a link to Re-boot with Joe, and if you look at the recipes on that site, they are the kind of things I tuck into. I do eat some meat, and any meat I eat is organic, and from a source that I know of.   I fully understand though that there are an awful lot of people who cannot do this.  I changed my diet because I was dying to put it bluntly.  At the time I begged my friend who had been diagnosed with breast cancer to join me.  She just couldn't do it, even though she saw for herself that things were improving with me. She couldn't give up her love of cakes, pies, fries etc.  She died last November :-(  This doesn't make her a bad person though. That was her personal choice. We all have choices in life, and we have to go with our own gut feeling. Tread our own path.


Very good article and I'm looking forward to the next, it is written so even I can understand it.

Kimberly, I am as totally confused on this topic as you. Having read the articles as well as other research, it makes a lot of sense but the issue for me becomes, "can't teach an old dog new tricks" with the old dog ( now older ) being me. I feed a very high quality dry food w/ no corn, wheat or soy. It is high in protein as well and  my boys seem to do well on it. The issue then is - well, I have never experienced problems in the past. It is also a matter of convenience. Dip, scoop, feed.

This is a very interesting topic worthy of consideration. Fran, please keep posting.

Will do Rob :-)

Fran I wish I lived in your countryI'd be first to sign up to your workshop!!
As I've said before, I have fresh lamb next door to me as it's the sheep dairy, pretty much all organic and I'm able to get the fresh beef occasionally from them too. I've also bored everyone with the fact I've had my Irish boy for nearly eight years and admit he has only been eating small amounts gradually of raw and it is the very, very first time he has gained weight, many friends have commented on how fantastic he looks. I too like Kimberly, just need more education on amounts..... I'm prepared to keep at it and learn more.
Keep at it Kimberly with the food, I'm a slow convert but have no doubt in my mind that if I had a little setter pup like your Dougal now, I would most definitely stick to Raw food :0))
Too true Malkie......I still eat some processed foods, wish I didn't !!
I feed my Irish leftovers too, the breeder says a roast is good..... creamy carbonara even better!! Her dogs are nothing short of beautiful and she feeds a top end kibble as well, I guess it's just what works for your setters :0))

I have had to give up all processed foods, because my auto-immune condition has put pay to that.  I already have Addison's, and was well on the way to developing type 2 Diabetes and other conditions too, but I have managed to reverse all that now by junking the processed stuff. Also some natural things have started making me really unwell, I can no longer eat certain nuts, and some fruit such as pineapple make me really unwell.  I recently bought some almond butter to put in recipes. I had never had a problem with almonds, but now I discover that my intolerance has spread to those too :-(   With me, it all started with celiacs disease which went undiagnosed for years. 

Dougal found my squash/gourd/pumpkin graveyard behind the pine trees from last autumn. He was chewing on a clump of matted squash seeds. I wasn't sure if it would hurt him so I took it away, but by gawd he goes back to find more every chance he gets now! The matter is chewy like a rawhide and smelly and he thinks it's DEVINE! Anyone know if squash/pumpkins are harmful to dogs? I'm going to have to google it Dougal insists on getting into it! Thought the deer and critters would have finished them off by now.....

When my boys were pups, they got pumpkin ( cooked ) all the time due to a bumper crop.

So he shouldn't grow pumkins in his belly if he swallows the seeds? lol

Not sure about the seeds, but I believe I've read that pumpkin is good for upset tummies in dogs?

Seeds can also boost  the immune system (providing they have not been cooked).




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