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An Update on Pitanga's heart condition

Have some news to share with my ES friends!!!
Talked to Pitanga's cardiologist today and we have some pretty awsome news!
He says she's been so well, it's a crime to shave her and look at her heart. The only reason to check her again this year is if she has trouble with heat in the summer, and he thinks she won't. 
From the way things loor right now, he thinks Pitanga's heart will only giver her trouble when old age issues appear. Old age!!!!!
For the first time in a year, it seems there is actually a chance Pitanga will get to be old!
We are all so happy with this news, and I really wanted to share it with you guys!

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We actually did that today :)
A small village near by had an animal blessing today - of course Pitanga, Romã and Ginja attended and were very proud to go near the priest and get the blessing :)

That's so lovely Teresa. There was a blessing of our pets many years ago and to my knowledge there hasn't been another :0( I'm going to do some asking around!

I am so glad to hear that great news Teresa!




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