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I have only been a member of this site for one week and I am horrified at the thought of entering into a discussion!

I joined because I have always liked Gundogs, especially Setters of all varieties and have been thinking of owning one or maybe even two.

My friend who is a member said to me a few months ago "Bel, I have found a lovely site for Setter enthusiasts and the people on there are so nice and friendly".

I am sorry to say, after reading through some of the latest discussions, I don't share her opinion at all!

All I have read are aggressive, verbal attacks on members who do not share the opinions of a few regular contributors who gang up on anyone who dares to disagree with their point of view.

I don't know how many members there are on here, but it seems the whole site is run by a few 'know alls' who delight in making other members valuable contributions to discussions a very unpleasant experience for them.

Some on here will probably say I should hold no opinions at all because I am a 'newbie' to this site.

Well sorry, I loath bullying in any shape or form and that's what I see happening on here!

Maybe I will test the water on a site for a different gundog breed because from what I have read so far on here, setter breeders are not people I would like to have any more contact with.

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Annabel you say you don't have a IS and have been put off by some members comments and are thinking of looking at other breeds, what you have not experienced is the overwhelming support when you loose your IS . This is a site where people are passionate about what makes a great IS and deep inside everyone knows the pain off loss,reserve your judgement when that day comes      

oooh look! A row I didnt start!


Well hush your mouth sweetheart!!!
Peter, Annabel has long since departed. She joined, posted this discussion and left us to comment among ourselves. Methinks it was a put up job....

Hi Eva

You previously said: Sarah, I agree with you and in the spirit of this please, please, please let us draw a line under this forum discussion because it is serving no purpose other than to fan the flames and further alienate members from each other.

I do not believe this latest comment of yours shows your sincerity in your previous response to Sara. In view of Gene's forum topic, I believe it is important to draw the line on previous discussions and behave respectfully towards each other in all instances from now on.

Lprd above  Finding Beau it was said completely tpngue in cheek!! Evie would know that. I am trying to instill a bit of sense of a sense of humour please let's not read more into it than it is. We have a lovely sunny day, all is well with my world hope it is with yours.
My apologies for the gramatical errors. Sent from my mobile which doesn't have an edit button.....naughty mobile!

Tell me.......did you ever find Beau?




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