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I have only been a member of this site for one week and I am horrified at the thought of entering into a discussion!

I joined because I have always liked Gundogs, especially Setters of all varieties and have been thinking of owning one or maybe even two.

My friend who is a member said to me a few months ago "Bel, I have found a lovely site for Setter enthusiasts and the people on there are so nice and friendly".

I am sorry to say, after reading through some of the latest discussions, I don't share her opinion at all!

All I have read are aggressive, verbal attacks on members who do not share the opinions of a few regular contributors who gang up on anyone who dares to disagree with their point of view.

I don't know how many members there are on here, but it seems the whole site is run by a few 'know alls' who delight in making other members valuable contributions to discussions a very unpleasant experience for them.

Some on here will probably say I should hold no opinions at all because I am a 'newbie' to this site.

Well sorry, I loath bullying in any shape or form and that's what I see happening on here!

Maybe I will test the water on a site for a different gundog breed because from what I have read so far on here, setter breeders are not people I would like to have any more contact with.

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"DITTO" and applause as Sue you wrote this so perfectly what I feel here.  Thankyou.

What is the news about setter lines "over there"? I no longer keep up with American setter lists
I promise I never spoke to this woman!! Deb I think has made an excellent point though in that the Irish owners are reeling pver PRA and will be mopre vocal but I think its best when you join to listen and learn. Try to weigh things up a little and for heavens sake dont take offense as soon as you are off the starting block!
She can't be a real Setter lover can she?
I swear!!
It concerns me someone might supply her with a puppy hope they fact fund fully first
Finn, your comparison to mothers with new born babies reminded me of my best friend with her first son.  She poured over every book, worried constantly about every little thing, sterilized every bottle, dish, spoon.  When I stuck my finger in the powdered milk to see what it tasted like she said I had contaminated it and threw the whole tin away.   It was completely different with her second son.  If he threw his food bowl on the floor she scooped it up, dog hair n all, and gave it back to him to eat.  Three guesses on which boy grew up to be the more normal of the two!!!!    I remember being exactly the same with my first puppy.............
I remember my mother in law arriving  one day... , both  dog  and teething  daughter sat on floor ,,,,daughter had been given  toasted crust to chew on    (dont think they had rusks in them days )and     Ruby had a Bonio..........  Horror of horrors   they had  swapped,,,,,,,,,Mother in Law never got over that ,,,,didnt like telling her they often  swapped tit  bits.........Daughter now 37   .and grand daughters  also played the sharing game with various dogs over the years..biscuits/crisps  etc.............none of mine came to any harm.
yep, i reckon the pattern (from my brothers and friends children, we dont have children, but oberon is much more accepted after the second one is born and he can kiss him in the mouth -he he );)
Oh Finn I absolutely fell apart at the floor cloth.......vivid imagination working overtime again!!!
All true Finn! thank you for your comments on Fergal's babbies.We are absolutely delighted with the pups
Ossian - Sorry but that made me laugh (between gritted teeth)!!!   ;-)




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