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 Ellie is now ten and ,as some of you will know,she has terrible intractable inter digital cysts.

She has been treated for a few years with Atopica but she developed growth on her gums which have had to be surgically removed,at the same time her treatment was stopped, as my vet felt this was the cause of the growths.Within a week her cysts were more frequent and ,last week,all four paws were a red swollen mass.This happened very quickly.She had great difficulty in walking but returning to Atopica did help and she can now walk reasonably well .My vet has acommenced treating her with AZATHIOPRINE and she has her first dose today.The Atopica is removed again.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced this drug and comments would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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Dear Howard

I guess you know is an immuno suppressant.... i dont have experience with this , i am afraid, but maybe the vet can explain to you which side effects may incur and how to make sure she's less exposed to infections, etc.. and which vaccinations she may have or avoid ..

sorry i cant help more.. I hope the nasty cysts will go ! :(( 

hug to ellie

Thank you Silvia for the link and your good wishes, I will let you know how Ellie progresses.






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