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I sent the following message to Gene, and he replied " he thinks it a great idea"

Hi gene,

In disscusion Crufs 2013 Jane Turner came up with an idea about a badge for ES members, to wear at shows, to help other members find them.

I wonder would it be ok with you if I open a disscusion to invite members to submite designs and the one that gets the most faviourits becomes the badge. Members could down load the picture on to card and laminate it or have it put on Tshirt/ sweatshirt/ totebag etc. may lighten the disscusions and get people back together again.

So friends shall we do this ? If so ideas !!

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Your a real thinker Angela, a wonderful idea ! :0))

Earlier in the year I opened this discussion, not a lot of interest at the time, but I still think it is a good idea.My computer skills are very limited but I have created a very rough draft of a possible design hoping to inspire some of the more talented among us.

Your computer skills are better  then mine so I cant design anything, but I still think a badge would be a good idea, look forward to seeing some more designs (",)

Hello Angela. I think you've hit on a great idea using the silhouette here. IMHO I think a single silhouette on a white background would be quite striking and easily recognisable at a glance without having to squint at smaller writing. (Thanks for keeping this going by they way!).




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