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Being a Setter is...


...Running like the wind

...Sleeping with your belly up

...Mastering the art of owner training

...Putting on a mud coat and look even better

...Making your owner take off the mud coat... With a smile

...Being predictably unpredictable

...Knowing how to push sadness away

...Making a crowd laugh

...Melting hearts with a single look

...Being the best kept secret in the canine world!


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Nice ones!

Maybe we could take everyone's suggestions and make a decent top ten!

It would at least be fun!

oh, and then we could select some nice ilustrative pictures and make a little video... hehehe =)
Can just about recognise our 'boys' in the descriptions!!! The paws are quite unique they just have to give you one but preferably two.

That are our boys ..


... eating cat/horse poo and looking up to you while chewing it with that "i didn't eat this mum" look

... pawing !!

... swimming like a seal, even with head under water


Ours talk as well especially when we come down in the morning such a great way to start the day
They are capable of deep conversation, hearing all about your day and give you very sound advice!

Yes, mine does and is very specific, like:

... standing by the bath tub looking at the tab and saying 'Uohh', meaning 'please open, I'm thirsty'.

... standing by the food bowl, looking at the bowl and then at me and then at the box in the back, where I store the food and then saying 'Uoohh' - I think that meaning can't be mistaken:-)).

Perhaps this long list of IS traits should be given out to new owners as well as the puppy feeding chart - just a thought at least they won't be too surprised!
only one of mine "talks" Lois, apparently he got it from his mum...it's brilliant, I love the "woo woos!"
... chasing whippets/greyhounds and wondering afterwards why they never catch them

... Smiling - haven't got a smiler at the moment but had a rescue many years ago who could grin for England. Frightened the life out of the plumber - he wouldn't get out of his van until I 'restrained' her!!!

... Giving out - an Irish expression for the talking and very apt especially at meal times.

... Yawning when being told off - the equivalent of 'whatever'.




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