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I'm sitting here after a very long and tearful early morning and want to ask other ES friends what symptoms they experienced when their much loved setter had bloat? :(( I thought after much research over the time I've had my boy Flame I'd definitely no if he was suffering from this terrible condition. I'd even read everything everyone had said on ES discussions, luckily but after a harrowing ordeal of been given the run around from our local after hours vet at 3am this morning my much adored Flame is still with us and he's sisters Ruby and Poppy. I had like you suggested checked if they could do GDV surgery and they said YES!! I was so upset and distressed, not to mention poor flame when they expelled the gas in his stomach and sent me on our way to our animal emergency centre one and half hours away!! Three hours later he had emergency surgery where they were fantastic and so caring, I would of gone there in the first place!! Honestly his symptoms were so minor, such as a little tired and yes a little agitated. It was only when I got him to our local vet that I noticed that his stomach had expanded ( shocked ), all vitals normal. No temperature, no high heart rate, good gum colour. Please, I just don't understand :(( The xray confirmed, I guess every doggy owners worst fear. I know there's a long road for him and I'm writing this I guess for some help, as I truly thought I'd know if it was bloat. I'll make the trip hopefully back tonight as he was still in recovery after the 4 hour surgery when we left. I'd like to say hello and drop his favorite things and pray he makes a speedy recovery to he's normal cheeky Irish self. Thanks for listening x

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There does seem to be a connection between unthriftyness and bloat ,many of the early Sydney bloodlines we difficult to condition and many "self destructed " though bloat .

Thank you Rhonda very much for your lovely words. There will be no other breed that will touch my heart more than an an Irish. From the age of seven I wanted one, took nearly forty years and now I have three. Take care x
That's very sad Greg to read. Hopefully today through careful screening and caring, responsible breeding of this gorgeous breed. Bloat may, I say may not be something one will have to endure as we still do today. As one case is one too many. Dianne and Irish

Hi Dianne, 

I was not so lucky, my beautiful girl mia was not so lucky.  no temperature no pail gums,  no vomiting,   the only thing she did do was bloat.  It took the vet half an hour to get to the vets and then she started up scanner thinking it was not bloat, which I kept telling her was. Then she decided after telling us that there did seem to be food where it shouldn't  decided to fire up the xray machine, all this time nothing happening, no releasoing the gas. In the end she had the operation to die two days later with septasemia.  £1700 later and no dog.  I would have paid any amount of money to save her, but it was not to be. So the symptoms dont always follow. So pleased to hear yours is ok. Xx

I'm so sorry Tina for the loss of your Mia, we say goodbye to our much loved furkids in many different ways but sadly Bloat is one that is very traumatic for both us and our Setters. It seems that not all vets are as learned as others and in my case I was foolish to think that all the vets at the clinic I occasionally attend, could confidently treat him. I was unhappy that they offered an after hours service but the vet on duty said she would naturally need an emergency team and there just wasn't one available..... "then dont open"..... I look at Flames physical scars and it comes all welling back that stressful morning. All I can offer you is that I'm thinking of you Tina, do you have other Setters? I hope so :)) Take care x

Dear Dianne

In answer to  your question do I have any others, no I don't.  I am hoping to get a irish again this year. But i'm so afraid it will happen again. xx

Tina there are families of Irish with little if any bloat in their background .Its a matter of doing good research and finding breeders with integrity .

Interesting Greg, you mention all breeds, I strongly agree with you. At the time of Flames surgery there was a Border Collie who was having GDV surgery too. The vets feel that there doesn't seem to be a steedfast rule of any particular breed suffering bloat these days. And interestingly our children own Newfoundlands and the breeder has never had a case of bloat and has been breeding many years. Maybe too, these days there are other contributing factors.
Thank you Barbara, I will look into the survey and complete it if I can I don't have any of Flames breeding back ground but will endevour to do what I can. Does it matter if I'm in Australia ? I'd do anything to help with this horrid condition.




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