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It is 10 days since Bracken suffered Bloat. We are giving him 3 small meals a day and short walks.
His stitches are due out tomorrow, he has been a good boy no licking the wound.
Not having had this problem with any of our dogs before any advice to help him fully recover would be welcome.

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The trouble with bloat/torsion is that you cannot tell externally if the stomach has twisted . The only way is to pass a gastric tube to see if it will pass into the stomach which should only be done in experienced hands. Sometimes it is necessary to try and decompress the stomach with a large bore hypodermic needle to buy you a bit more time in getting to a vet. My girl had torsion with bloat the first 3 times and luckily she was at the vets in less than 30 mins, and yes this was despite gastropexy on occasions 2 & 3. This last occurrence of bloat about 2 weeks ago was a little different in that she was not salivating and I gave her some simeticone tabs which she was able to swallow. Again she was in the vets within 30 mins but was very close to collapse in that short time. James will agree that it is such a scary experience. I carry a bloat kit in my motorhome in case of bloat as I feel confident that in an emergency I would be able to do the necessary to buy me time to get her to a vet. If I did nothing the prospect of my girl dying in agony is not an option.

Here's to all the survivors xxxxx





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