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Can anyone give me advice on stopping a castrated male Setter from scent marking indoors. Bailey is our 2nd setter but 1st male dog. He came to us 5 months ago as a 1 yr old, already castrated by his previous owners just weeks before we took him.
Everything was fine to begin with (We had sort of anticipated the stealing from the kitchen bin and hoarding socks from the laundry) but suddenly Bailey has started scent marking the couch. We never catch him doing it. It's always during the night or when no-one is with him in the house. Could it be separation anxiety?
We have another dog (spayed female spaniel) and she's the dominant dog in the house.
Please, does anyone have any suggestions? The couch needs replacing as I've washed the covers so often that they're becoming tattered but there seems little point if he's going to scent mark a new couch too. My husband is threatening to rehome Bailey but I feel there must be something we can do.

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Hi Alison,

so glad to hear Bailey seems to be coping alot better now, learning to relax even when on his own - I'm surethose extra walks help too!

You may be interested in getting this excellent book:
'Ain't Misbehavin' - a good behaviour guide for family dogs
by David Appleby

all the best




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