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Arthur ,at four years and six months ,suddenly realised that he was male and that there were lovely lady dogs about.The problems started when he met three bitches in season,one after the other, outside the park where I walk him.He normally shows an interest but once in the park I can let him off his lead and he will always come back. This time he didn't but ran out of the park searching.The next day I thought he would be ok but once again he ran out ,crossing roads trying to find a dog,any dog, that might satisfy his new found urges.From then on he was kept on his lead.A few days later I took him to a fenced field some miles away.He didn't get out but was really trying to find a way to escape. So it was lead walking from then on. We took him to the seaside and I thought he would be fine as he loves the beach and he was let off the lead until he met another bitch in season.She was in the sea,Arthur was in the sea and eventually the bitches owner was in the sea!.

He changed from the happy dog he was to a dog that really was tormented by his yearnings.He lost weight,lost interest in his food and it was no fun for me or for him when we went walking.

After discussing the situation with our vet he advised castration but warned that it might not work.Joan and I were loathe to have this done but we did.We did not want a setter that looked like a dandelion clock!

It is now two months since he was done and the difference is amazing.He is happy,he comes back when called and he plays .All of which had stopped.He even walks to heel most of the time. He has put back his weight and is enjoying his food.All dogs are safe again and he only wants to play with any he meets.So far his coat is fine and we now don't care if its not...we have our happy Arthur back again.

I thought this might be of interest to you.

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It just shows that all dogs are unique.

I'm glad Arthur is happy again, and the coat may not become an issue for him, especially if you deal with it immediately if you notice it starting to get thick and orangey. We found judicious use of a furminator type tool,  and extra oils, like primrose oil or Yumega, worked fine for our dogs that were neutered for health reasons.

Anyway,as you say, happy Arthur is back again...Hooray :)

So Arthur finally got his head turned by the feminine charms, Howard...like the rest of us! I take it the cold shower didn't work for him then!

Not at all! He was totally won over by the feminine charms!

Thanks for the advice on his coat.




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