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Has any member been advised by their vet that the blood test results for their dog revealed Chronic Inflammation? If so, what was the health diagnosis of the dog at the time? How was the diagnosis of Chronic Inflammation explained by the vet? And what treatment was recommended by the vet?  

For those members who have never heard of Chronic Inflammation this is a link to an article in Dogs Naturally magazine http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/nsaids-inflammation-and-a-caut...

I will wait to see if I receive any answers to this question before I explain why I have asked it.

For those members who care about my English Setter, Hobson unfortunately I have to tell you that he is holding onto his life by a thread. I cannot even take one day at a time. When we go to bed at night or when we wake up in the morning, Hobson might appear to be alright. This can change in a matter of hours. Hobson is still fighting and I am beside him 24/7 doing everything I can to help him continue to live. Unfortunately I know only too well that the final outcome is completely out of my hands. It's not over yet though!!

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I can't answer your question but thinking of you and Hobson.

Hi Susan, I'm sorry to hear, that you have to take Hobson's state of health moment by moment. I luckily have no personal experience with chronic inflammation diseases but am closely connected with people in research for such in humans. What I miss in your article above is that nothing much is said about the causes of chronic inflammation - there are diseases such as 'systemic lupus erythematosus', an autoimmune disease which comes in bouts, is triggered by sunlight (also stress and hormonal change) and causes inflammations in skin, heart, lungs, kidneys, joints and sadly can't be healed but only kept at bay with medication. Have a look here: http://www.veterinarypartner.com/Content.plx?A=2475 I would expect an article to have a thorough discussion about diseases that cause chronic inflammation and I do hope your vet manages to get to the root of the problem. All the best for Hobson. 

Dear Howard, thank you very much for your kind words. xxxxx

Dear Cornelia, Hobson does not have systemic lupus erythematosus. The vet is now convinced that all of Hobson’s health problems are being caused by an autoimmune disorder. He has disregarded Hobson’s neck and spinal problems which occurred in late 2010 and were only diagnosed approx 3 months ago. I asked the vet what was meant by “chronic” and he replied 3 months, or less, or more. I was interrupted and was not able to ask him specifically how this diagnosis was made.

I am not convinced by the vet’s opinion. 

This is some information I researched quite some time ago. I believe it is correct. Hopefully this may be useful to other members because English Setters and Irish Setters are plagued with “skin” problems.

Immune-mediated skin disorders:

Skin disease may result from a deficiency or over-activity of immune responses. In cases where there is insufficient immune response the disease is usually described by the secondary disease that results. Examples include increased susceptibility to Demodetic Mange (N/A to Hobson) and recurrent skin infections, such as Malassezia infection or bacterial infections (applicable to Hobson). Increased and harmful immune responses can be divided into hypersensitivity disorders such as Atopic Dermatitis (I do not believe this is applicable to Hobson) and autoimmune disorders (I do not believe this is applicable to Hobson), such as Pemphigus (N/A to Hobson) and Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (N/A to Hobson).

These are a few details to demonstrate the total “stuff-up” by vets (and natural therapists) in their diagnoses of Hobson’s “skin” problem:

In 2009 Hobson was diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis and given Prednisone to shut down his so-called over-active immune response. The consequence: Hobson suffered GDV and almost died. 

In 2011 Hobson was diagnosed by a vet chiropractor with an autoimmune disorder which was responsible for his sudden hind leg lameness and wastage of muscles in his hind legs. He said Hobson’s body was turning against itself and eating up its own muscle. He said that Hobson had not suffered any type of muscu-skeletal injury. 

In 2013 the current vet diagnosed Hobson with Malassezia infection which means the immune system is insufficient – the exact opposite of Atopic Dermatitis!!

It is recognised that a systemic disease can become symptomatic as a skin disorder e.g. a tumour of the testicles.

To clarify, Hobson had a Sertoli testicular tumour in 2009 which was not recognised by a vet until 2011. A Sertoli testicular tumour creates too much oestrogen and the dog develops feminine characteristics. Hobson’s nipples became enlarged. He is often mistaken for a female because of this. I believe this was the reason for his sudden allergic skin reaction in 2009. Hormonal imbalances cause all sorts of health problems including skin disorders.

If Hobson had been suffering an autoimmune disorder in 2011 and his body was eating up his own muscles he would not be alive today.

On 20/12/2003 a chiropractor diagnosed Hobson as suffering a severe neck injury quite some time ago. He asked me: Did he have problems with his right eye?

I found some photos today showing Hobson with a weeping right eye commencing from 9 February 2011. This photo taken on 26 June 2011 clearly shows how much Hobson was suffering. He can hardly open this eye!! Spinal problems can cause all sorts of health problems.

I have never been convinced that Hobson has been accurately diagnosed. The same applied to Hammer. I was advised by the same "holistic" vet in 2011 that Hammer had a minor liver problem. His chronic throat problem was considered inconsequential. I found out too late that Hammer had developed leukaemia. He died a violent death from suffering a haemorrhage in his airways.

I keep praying I am not too late for Hobson even though he is so incredibly ill at the moment. I am trying to keep my sanity by trying to make some sort of sense from all of this even though this does not matter. All that matters is that Hobson does not die. 

Thank you for the detailed info about Hobson, Susan. As you spoke of chronic inflammation, an autoimmune disease such as (with emphasis on 'such as') 'systemic lupus erythematosus' was my first thought. You certainly have done your homework and done more than most pet owners do! The trouble is that for many diseases, also for humans, there are no tests available or they do not give a clear answer. But there are tests available and honestly, I would get back to your vet and ask, on what grounds the diagnosis was made. His opinion is one thing but what I would like to know, if Hobson was my dog are facts, like the result of a blood test or an antibody test. You said, you were interrupted and not able to ask him specifically - I would not stay with that but go back and ask. I hope there is light at the end of your tunnel! 

Dear Cornelia 

I’ve never done what I’ve been told by a vet. I’ve always carried out research. My vet from 1976-2008 respected me and listened to me and he agreed with my basic approach to health. He never bullied me. Since 2008 I have had a horrendous time with vets, to say the very least. 

I did not read your link last night because I was too exhausted. I note it relates to SLE and not DLE. Hobson does not have any of the symptoms of SLE. All his organs are working fine, even his kidney function with one grossly enlarged kidney. He has been diagnosed with Mild Non-Regenerative Anaemia which the vet advised relates to his kidney disease. 

When you mention an antibody test, do you mean in relation to SLE? 

I intend getting back to my vet with my questions. I was wondering if anyone else had been given this diagnosis because I believe, and I could be wrong, that the chronic inflammation is a result of Hobson suffering from a twisted neck, spine and pelvis for more than 3 years and the pain he has been carrying inside his body. Spinal problems affect all the major organs in the body. At present Hobson cannot lift himself up without assistance and he cannot walk without assistance. He cannot drink or eat without assistance. He lost his appetite and therefore kilos in weight because he was/is in so much pain. The vet is ignoring these symptoms and saying it is all related to an autoimmune disorder which has been created by the yeast. 

When Hobson was (mis)diagnosed by the vet in 2011 his blood tests were Normal. When I say Normal, the results were close to the middle. There were no results that were at either end of the scale. The truth is that Hobson had suffered a severe neck injury which, as the chiropractor said on 20/12/2013, had affected his right eye and left hind leg and then resulted in the twisting of the spine and the pelvis. Hobson has now developed severe arthritis in both hind legs from the initial neck injury. The chiropractor believes this has nothing to do with Hobson’s “skin” problems. I agree with the chiropractor. From 2009-2011 Hobson also had a Sertoli testicular tumour which was upsetting the hormonal imbalance inside his body. Hobson definitely did not have an autoimmune disorder. 

I could not get an answer from the next vet who prescribed countless antibiotic courses for Hobson. I then thought Hobson had developed Systemic Yeast Infection which can cause an autoimmune disorder amongst other things. Since 2011 I have been feeding Hobson “anti-yeast” food and supplements and arthritic supplements in case he did have a Systemic Yeast Infection which is not recognised by vets and in case he had suffered a muscu-skeletal problem even though no one would listen to me. The problem is that, for instance, all the arthritic supplements in the world are not going to help if the cause of the injury is not diagnosed and treated. 

What confuses me is that on the one hand the current vet diagnoses Hobson with Malassezia and recommends a host of natural products to boost his under-active immune system and then recommends Atopica which is a strong immune suppressant drug to bring down his over-active immune system. This is contradictory. 

What also confuses me is that the vet did not mention whether or not Hobson had an infection. I assumed this was not the case but when I asked the vet, he replied: Yes he has an infection because he has chronic inflammation. Infection and inflammation are 2 different things?? 

A Biodynamic Therapist has recently treated Hobson. Her diagnosis is that Hobson is suffering from Inertia and Very Low Life Force, i.e. he could die. She can feel blockages in pockets all along his spine and neck area. I agree with her diagnosis. I pray that Hobson is going to live long enough for her to see him again. He is having a very bad day again today.

Dianne: Thank you very much for your kind words. 

Susan, the photo is beautiful of your English Setters....truly beautiful! With everything you have to endure you still manage to offer the very best of care for your fur babies. You are amazing and a "Mother Teresa" to the needy fur babies, I'll keep praying for your Hobson. Many would of given up by now and said it was all too hard .....you never cease to amaze me. Take care dear friend xx

I am so sorry for Hobson and for you, I follow all your threads and you truly are a remarkable lady.

I send love and prayers and hope for a miracle  they do happen, I know you won't give up.

love from Sue and her irish setter girls Indy and Ellie

Dear Sue and your Irish Setter girls, Indy and Ellie 

I have been trying to be strong but your words brought a flood of tears streaming down my face. Thank you so much. Hobson and I do need a miracle, but as you said, Miracles Do Happen! 

Hobson has been the dearest English Setter boy since the day he arrived as an 8 weeks old puppy. He flew all the way up to Queensland from Tasmania in a Dogtainers cardboard box and he took the travel in his stride because he was a healthy and socially well adjusted puppy. 3 weeks after Hobson was born, to the day, his English Setter brother, Beau was stolen. Hobson arrived to find a completely distraught English Setter sister, Jessie and his completely distraught mum. Even though I tried my best to hide my trauma from Hobson, he understood. He has always been a “wise, old soul”. Despite his young age he decided his place in the Jeep was to sit on the console beside his mum, to keep an eye on his mum, to support his mum, and this is where Hobson has always sat in the car. This is a photo of Hobson and I when he was a baby 8 weeks old puppy. My brother took the photo and cut us off. He’s worse than I am taking photos.

Hobson and I have been through sheer hell in so many ways over these last 11 years. He has given me my strength to continue. I know he has become old and he has kidney disease now but it would be so unfair if I lost him this way. 

Unfortunately I went against my knowledge and followed the advice of the vet last week. I am not blaming the vet about this. I often say in my comments that “Just because something is natural does not mean it cannot cause harm”. I never feed eggs (raw or cooked) to my sick English Setters because of the highly fermentative properties of eggs. This was a recommendation of Juliette de Bairacli Levy way back in 1951. Hobson was starting to show signs of improvement. I was feeding him a bland diet of broth from very slowly cooked organic chicken pieces and then lightly cooked organic chicken breast and had just started to  introduce a little yoghurt and cottage cheese. Hobson increased his weight from 26.2kg to 28kg in 3 days. The vet suggested I give raw egg yolk with honey to Hobson on 23 April to boost his nutrition. Unfortunately this caused a stomach upset and Hobson suffered diarrhoea for 3 days. Hobson has hardly eaten again for 4 days. He is still not interested in food today. Because he is so weak he is struggling to be able to walk again and he is suffering pain in his joints again. The yeast is targeting Hobson’s most vulnerable area, i.e. his ears and his neck and he has now developed aural haematomas in both ears. 

I pray that Hobson will feel a little better and start eating later on today. He must do this to be able to “turn the corner” a little. The only supplement I am giving to Hobson at present is Ester Vitamin C. I decided today I had nothing to lose and have ordered a supplement I used to give to my English Setter, Hammer in 2011. I don’t like the human being marketing this product but it is supposed to help with inflammation, pain and arthritis. Hopefully Hobson will be alive when the product arrives and this will help him.

This is a photo of Hobson before he suffered GDV. He was a strong, healthy boy with a beautiful coat. Hobson's health has been ruined by continued misdiagnoses. Even in the photo of Hobson in 2011 showing his injured right eye, I cannot see how anyone could not notice his awkward stance, his roached spine and his hind legs tucked underneath his body. He was starting to lose coat and condition. The reason was because he was suffering extreme pain. This had nothing to do with his so-called skin disorder.

I just took this photo now. The house is in a total mess because 99.9% of my time is devoted to helping Hobson. My horses are only receiving their basic minimal care. They understand. They all watch with concern when they see me helping Hobson. I cannot sit with my White Faced Heron friend, Sam for long at all. This photo shows our sweet English Setter, Misty who has climbed into the bed where Hobson is lying. Even though she is only 2yo she is trying so hard to help in every way she can because she knows how very ill her brother, Hobson is. She has been watching me care for Hobson since the day she arrived. In one sense Misty and I drive each other crazy, but in the true sense we are all together as a family fighting to save the life of our precious boy, Hobson. 

Hopefully some of what I am sharing in this discussion may help others, and a Miracle will Happen and despite the incredible odds, Hobson will survive.

Susan. That is the most moving tribute to your beautiful strong willed Hobson and he's fur family......I couldn't stop the years. I'll just keep praying for him, as Sue said..... Miracles can happen. Love Dianne, Winnie, Flame and the wild Irish roses Ruby, Poppy and Shelby in heaven xxx

Susan.i just dont know what to say.....Just want you to know that my thoughts are very much with you and your lovely Hobson.After all your poor boy has been through he obviously fights to stay with his very special mummy.

Stay strong ,it feels so wrong to share my good news when a friend is fighting for her boys life.

Dear Susan! I am so very sorry to hear of Hobson´s state of health and that I can not help, but I am thinking of you and hoping for a Miracle! All the best. xxx B+T

Those of you who follow my comments know I don’t think much of vets. You probably think I exaggerate. The truth is that I never exaggerate. 

I have realised I am a stupid fool because I always look for the good in every human being even when their behaviour and actions indicate there is little or no good there. 

My Beloved English Setter, Hobson is still alive, for now anyway. His vet never answered my questions about his pathology results, in particular why he had reversed his diagnosis of Hobson. With the help of Cornelia, I contacted Dr Jean Dodds, Hemopet in the USA and she provided me with her opinion of Hobson’s pathology results. Jean Dodds has been in constant email communications with me since then in the hope I can find a vet who will send her a blood sample for Hobson. So far all my attempts have failed!! One of my traits is persistency too!! 

I thought Hobson’s vet was a decent human being. I was wrong. Hobson became very ill again on 26/04/2014 which was 18 days ago. Hobson has not received treatment for the last 18 days because his vet has decided to turn his back on him!! 

Hobson could not eat for another 6 days after 26/04/14. He had already lost too much weight. To this day, 18 days later, Hobson still has diarrhoea which has been pouring out of his bottom. Hobson has never had such severe diarrhoea. Hobson has been bedridden since 30/04/14. By 01/05/14 Hobson was so ill he lost the use of his hind legs and he could not even urinate. Hobson had lost so much weight I could carry him in my arms. 

Early Monday morning 05/05/14 I was feeling extremely distressed. Was it possible for Hobson to recover and if not, how could I allow him to keep suffering, but then how could I possibly allow a vet who has shown such little respect for Hobson’s life to take his life away from him. It was as if Hobson read my mind. He managed to lift himself up out of his bed and walk a few steps. Then he managed to urinate with assistance from me. He still could not eat or drink without assistance. I have had to raise the bowl of water to his chin so that he could drink, and at the same time hold onto him so that he did not fall over because he has become so weak. In order to feed Hobson, I have had to place his head on a pillow and hand-feed him from the side of his mouth. Prior to this I syringed water into Hobson's mouth, day and night so that he did not become dehydrated. I have taken leave from work to be by Hobson's side 24/7. I am not getting paid. We are going to lose our home, but we can find another home. There will never be another Hobson.

This is a photo of Hobson on 05/05/14. How could any vet turn his (or her) back on such a seriously ill dog, but this is what has happened. 

Because human beings jump to conclusions and because vets and their staff tend to ignore the information provided by owners and think they can do as they like, and because Hobson was only capable of walking a few steps, I decided to write to and email a few veterinary practices last week. I was ignored by all of them!! Yesterday I thought I had found a vet to help Hobson but he changed his mind today. I was so distraught I phoned RSPCA Queensland. In their opinion the non-treatment of Hobson by his vet for the last 18 days and Hobson’s unnecessary suffering does not constitute animal cruelty. This was their opinion about my baby English Setter girl, Annie. This is why I no longer donate money to the RSPCA. 

Vets in Australia are not legally obliged to provide pathology results to owners, even though the owners pay for the tests, and they are not legally obliged to discuss these results with owners. Even though I was advised by the previous vet on 16/06/2012, 2 years ago, that Hobson’s TFT results were Normal, I discovered last week that Hobson’s T4 level was below the minimum of the normal range. Then it “hit me”. Hobson has been suffering from an undiagnosed and untreated neck injury since late 2010. The thyroid gland is located in the neck. Is it possible Hobson injured his thyroid gland when he injured his neck and this is the reason for his skin problems??? 

Because of the antibiotics prescribed by the vet and because he has been so ill, Hobson’s skin has broken down. His eyes and his ears are becoming infected. Hobson still fights to live. How much more suffering can he take????  

We have an appointment with a University clinic next week. I wonder what is going to happen. I have become so very disillusioned with the vet industry in Australia and I believe I have every right in the world to feel this way. I wonder if I will ever be able to send a blood sample to Jean Dodds.

Hobson has continued to fight courageously. Even though he is still bedridden all day except for his short walks to go to the toilet, he can now eat and drink unassisted most of the time and he can walk further without assistance. Hobson's will to continue to live is extraordinary. I hope my beautiful boy will survive this terrible experience. Never in my life have I experienced such neglect by a vet, and the neglect is being inflicted on my dog, on my boy, on my Hobson, but this is what human beings have become. I am pleased I am mature aged and I am on the "tail end" of my life. Susan




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