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I have been clicker training Magick and he has learned a lot yet as all young Irish Setter he has selective hearing and there are times he just has more important things on his mind but he really responds well to our training when I have his focus. The time I spend with him training is very special and we both seem to enjoy it as we do our normal walks and trips to the dog park to play. I am amazed at how fast he picks up a new  idea. I love watching other dogs doing tricks and preforming is anyone has any good

links to videos let me know 



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there are some excellent videos here on ES of a woman doing agility and loads of tricks- but can't remember the name, will try to find out& let you know
try Simona Mikulasowa( Mikulasowa is not how it is written- but Simona on the member list will help you)

Thank you awesome I do have a DVD I bought that is call 'Take a Bow Wow and Bow Wow take 2 " its very good on teaching steps to a lot of tricks but I love watching other dogs preform knowing how much love and work goes into the training. 

You can find lots and lots of clicker training video's on youtube. Some are good and others not so good, as some people are using lure reward training and just adding a click. There is a lot more to clicker training than just that. My dogs are all clicker trained. Have great contacts in agility (the targets  they have to touch with their feet) and also have one who is trained to working B in competition obedience, all using clicker.  Karen Pryor has a lot of information on her website and I am sure you can find lots of links and contacts via her.




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