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Hi, my english setter Haidy has beautifull but very thick coat. It is makeing me insane sometimes, because its very dificcult to take care of her coat. She has like tripple undercoat and its hard to keep it in healthy way. Her coat need some extra care. Im using brush, then shedding comb and sometimes its necessary to use thinning scissors. I never saw english setter with this thick kind of coat. Have you got som experience with this kind of coat?  :) Thanks for reply.....Lenka

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Can I ask wether she is spayed or not!

yes she is spayed

That's why her coat has become so thick and wooly. Having a setter spayed really affects their coats. You would probably be better having her coat trimmed with a professional groomer twice a year and then brushing her every day with a normal human hairbrush as this will get to the roots.

Thank you for advice :) im trimming her each month a brushing everyday if im at home, still its horrible. I brush the coat and after one hour it looks like before brushing :D its neverending circle.....but im very glad that i finally know the reason of her thick coat. 

Hi Lenka,

I have had this problem with several ES, one a male desexed for medical reasons had a coat growing like a bearded collier. Later my bitch Maddie was the same. It was a nightmare to control. My current boy is desexed and although he is not too bad I regularly clip his body coat.  It might be worth it to invest in clippers and do it yourself, it is not too hard.










Hello Gayle :) thank you for advice. I already do clip her coat but sometimes the clipper doesnt work on her coat :( All i need is to be patient.




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