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Dear all

Oberon is 7 and half years now and he has been castrated last June due to some prostate problems. Since then we haven't seen the expected changes in the coat,  eg thickening and lightening. His coat is still silky (not wolly) and still red.

However, the amount of hairs is half, He is shredding an enormous amount of hairs, often in bounches, and what is used to be a chest with plenty of coat (to the point that it toke 30min to dry with an hairdryer) is now just covered with a very thin layer. Hairs are all over the house every day, in a very unusual amount.

I did some research , and I cant find anything that relates thinning of hairs to castration: if any, is the other way round and the coat is meant to become thick and wolly. 

Any help, experience? Is just because Oberon wish to do everything the other way round? : )

Is just because is only few months after castration, so he is losing the coat and then it will re-grow in the thick way? Any other reason that can cause this , so suddenly but independently on castration (age , etc)?

something I can give him to help with the coat (oh, well, we women would die for a magic solution to thinning hairs; ) ?

thanks for your help and sharing!!

best regards


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Hi Cornelia and all others! 

sorry for the *LATE* reply, we went away for Xstmas for a long trip in Italy and Switzerland mountains and i am just catching up: )

First, happy new year to everyone!

From our side, the news is that Oberon has been tested for thyroid last dec and the results are:

 Thyroxine (T4) by RIA                     18.9         nmol/l      13-52         
 Free T4 equilibrium dialysis (RIA)        10.6         pmol/l      7 - 40        
 TSH by IRMA                               0.09         ng/ml       <0.41         
 Thyroid antiglobulin antibody             130          %           <200    

we did a full test, although not with hemopet but with a similar lab in cambridge (UK). The bottom line is that all values are normal, but they are not exciting either since  all are in the low range. So, if there is anything is very mild or in an initial phase. The suggestion is that  we will repeat the test in a couple of months to see if there is evolution. 

Rather then that, Oberon is doing very well with mood etc.(of course he does: the swiss alps where we have been with him were a paradise!!) 

The coat dropping has stopped, but for now I keep going with viacutan or another similar product, called coatex oil. However, I can see that now his hairs are maybe fuller but also they grew very soft and curly on the leg and along the back and neck. So, I start thinking that the dropping was only a first sign,  and maybe what is happening is that the new coat will now grow with the fluffy new aspect .. let's see.. I still hope he want change much, but at this point we can only wait and see  .

regarding the t-shirt: looks a great idea!!!! : ) 

all the best



Hi Silvia, I am glad Obi is fine and you had beautiful Holidays! Happy new Year :-)

Our Vet told me Black Seed Oil "Nigella sativa" (inside and out) helps eg for the coat.




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